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IGN Pro League 6 Tournament Cancelled?

by Andrew Kenton March 1, 2013
  The IPL 6 tournament scheduled for this month in Las Vegas may be cancelled. It’s been reported that sponsors have had items returned to them, links dealing with hotel reservations for the event have been removed, as well as some international qualifiers being cancelled. While those may be true, there is still a heavy […]

Gaming, Baby, GAMING! eSports Set To Hit Las Vegas Strip

by Ryan Bateson March 3, 2012
When you mention “sports” and “Las Vegas” in the same sentence, a few ideas take prominence: boxing, mixed martial arts, and betting on all the other sports that don’t take place in Vegas. IGN would like to add something to that: eSports. IGN Entertainment announced a deal Wednesday with The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas to […]