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Microsoft Studios acquires Gears of War IP

by Adam Larckon January 27, 2014
The Gears of War franchise is no longer with Epic Games. Xbox Wire posted that Microsoft Studios acquired the rights to the series today and is giving development of future titles to Black Tusk Studios, which was formerly Microsoft Vancouver. Rod Fergusson, the former Director of Production at Epic Games, also joined Microsoft and will […]

Rocksteady possibly releasing next game in 2014

by Dragos Dobreon November 4, 2013
The developer behind Batman: Arkham City is now hiring using several agency job postings, and they kinda leaked that the developer’s current project “has been tipped to be one of the most successful games of 2014”. This could only mean that we will be able to see another masterpiece from the guys over at Rocksteady […]

Cliff Bleszinski teases new image for project, confirms it’s for new IP

by Dragos Dobreon August 16, 2013
Cliff Bleszinski former design director over at Epic Games tweeted a series of screenshot in which he teased a new IP on which he’s currently working. The first picture teased was showing an armed solider standing in a canyon, with a patrol boat and guarded military camp in the background. The second picture shown featured […]

Harmonix to announce a new game tommorow

by Dragos Dobreon June 3, 2013
Harmonix, the company behing popular franchises like Rock Band and Dance Central revealed via a tweet that a new game will be revealed tomorrow. The great thing is that they are going to announce a brand new game, nothing related to Rock Band and/or Dance Central series. The studio is currently working on three different […]

Rare will re-introduce “historic” franchise at E3 for Xbox One

by Ryan Bateson May 21, 2013
Though the Xbox One reveal was absymally low on actual games, save for a few brief CGI clips, the talk is still buzzing about what’s going to be on Microsoft’s next-gen console, and Rare is one of the companies fueling the rumor fire. In an interview with Polygon, Microsoft Studios corporate vice president Phil Spencer […]

Crytek Interested in Darksiders IP

by Adam Larckon March 29, 2013
The Darksiders IP has at least one interested party right now. Destructiod reports that Crytek has an intent on bidding on the license during the April THQ auction, which goes from April 1-15. Crytek USA Corp. CEO David Adams posted that the IP “belongs at home with its creators.” For those that forgot, Crytek USA […]

MM dropping bills on R&D for Science

by John Speerbreckeron January 7, 2012
Median Molecule who has become synonomous with innovation in games brought to us through Little Big Planet is apparently going back to what they are known for and that is innovation. According to their fiscal reoprts from March of last year, they have spent over 6 million dollars on research and development, does this mean […]