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Pax South 2018 Haimrik Interview

by killatiaon January 22, 2018
Killatia checks out this sweet puzzle platform game from1C Company, Haimrick, at Pax South 2018 Youtube Channel: Twitch: Facebook: Twitter: Patreon: Website:

Brawlhalla Interview at the Brawlhalla World Championship Expo 2017 with Zeke Sparkes

by killatiaon November 7, 2017
While at the Brawlhalla World Championship Expo 2017 killatia the chance to talk with Executive Producer Zeke Sparkes about as much of Brawlhalla as possible game that Youtube Channel: Twitch: Facebook: Twitter: Patreon: Website:

Killatia At E3 2017 Sakuna Of Rice and Ruin Interview

by killatiaon July 8, 2017
Killatia checks out this cute little rpg platformer Sakuna Of Rice and Rune from Xseed

Killatia At E3 2017 Nyko Switch Accessories Interview

by killatiaon July 1, 2017
Killatia takes a look at a variety of Nyko Accessories for the Nintendo Switch, from charging station to wired controllers, and even a portable docking station for the system!

Killatia At E3 2017 River City Knights of Justice Interview

by killatiaon June 29, 2017
Did you ever thought yourself “Gees it would be interesting if they did a Mid evil spin on the River City Ransom game?” Well they actually did that. Killatia talks some more with Adam Fintch about this neat little 3DS eshop title. The game should out in the shop right now actually.

Killatia At E3 2017 Wild Guns Reloaded PC Version Interview

by killatiaon June 29, 2017
  We saw this game first on the PS4 last year, now we’re talking about the upcoming PC version of Wild Guns Reloaded with our old pal Adam Fintch.

Killatia At E3 2017 SENRAN KAGURA Peach Beach Splash Interview With Series Producer Kenichiro Takaki

by killatiaon June 28, 2017
Killatia talks with Senran Kagura series producer Kenichiro Takaki about the upcoming Third-person Splasher Peach Beach Splash! Thanks to Jason Hayato Higa for being the translator for this interview. And down below is some gameplay footage:

Killatia At E3 2017 Logitech G433 Headset Interview

by killatiaon June 27, 2017
Killatia check out Logitech’s latest headset the G433!

Killatia At E3 2017 Outcast: Second Contact Interview

by killatiaon June 22, 2017
Killatia talks with Yves Grolet about the upcoming Sci-FI PC game Outcast: Second Contact. How faithful is this remake to the cult classic game form 1999? How much has changed and improved over the original? And can Killatia please pronounce the game right? I know is was the last tiresome day of E3 but come […]

Killatia At E3 2017 Sumer Interview

by killatiaon June 19, 2017
Killatia talks with indie game developer, Geoffrey Suthers, about his digital board game Sumer. In this game you compete to get the most favor from the Goddess to become the next ruler of mankind Youtube Channel: Twitch: Facebook: Twitter: Patreon: Website:

E3 2014 Gauntlet Reboot Video Game Interview

by Chris Boreson August 24, 2016
Here is the Gauntlet reboot. So glad this is coming out. But it is only on steam. wtf?! We need some console action on this bad boy. Check it out!