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PlayStation Plus Battles: EU Vs. NA (6-26-14)

by Charlie Grammeron June 26, 2014
The two regions gear up for the final round of the month, each one hoping to take down the other as they step into the ring for the last time in June. The EU aims to even things up, having won the first round, while NA wishes to expand their lead to three wins in […]

PlayStation Plus Battles: EU vs. NA (6-20-14)

by Charlie Grammeron June 20, 2014
Greetings and welcome once again to the battle of region supremacy on the PlayStation Network. First I would like to apologize for being a bit late this week; Sorry about that. With the apologies out of the way, we move on to the fight. The EU launches the first attack, driving a hard right into the […]

PlayStation Plus Battles: EU vs. NA (5-29-14)

by Charlie Grammeron May 29, 2014
The two regions gear up for the final skirmish of May. Which one will come out on top, winning the week? Which region will win the month? We’ll find out as the attacks begin right now. North America, having barely scraped a victory out last week, won the right to make the first attack this week. To that […]

PlayStation Plus battles: EU vs. NA (5-16-2014)

by Charlie Grammeron May 16, 2014
North America and Europe gear up to duke it out for PlayStation Plus supremacy. Which region will come out on top? Which one will be utterly destroyed? We’ll find out the answers to these questions and more right now. The EU starts things off with a double discount, firing off Cell Damage HD (PS3/PS4/Vita) with […]

PlayStation Plus versus Xbox Live Gold (Instant Game Collection/ Games with Gold)

by Dragos Dobreon December 27, 2013
Everyone who owns either an Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3/4 should know about PlayStation Plus or Games with Gold services. Both of them are included as a plus in the monthly subscription fee that Microsoft and Sony implemented a while ago for the ability of playing multiplayer modes on your console. If you don’t know […]

Metal Slug XX will be free for PS Plus members tomorrow

by Tyler Colpon July 22, 2013
PlayStation Portable sidescrolling shooter Metal Slug XX will replace Germinator as a free title for PlayStation Plus members tomorrow, according to PlayStation LifeStyle. The game is playable on both PlayStation Vita and PSP. On July 30, Dokuro will replace Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward. Source: PlayStation LifeStyle