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Injustice 2 welcomes two Suicide Squad members to the roster!

by David Pooleon August 17, 2016
Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and NetherRealm Studios announced today that two Suicide Squad stars would be entering the superhero brawler, Injustice 2. Harley Quinn makes her return from the first game, bringing her pet hyenas with her and all sorts of styles to her wardrobe. NetherRealm Studios previously teased Harley Quinn earlier with an image […]

Injustice confirmed for Vita, PS4

by Dragos Dobreon October 7, 2013
After being released a few months ago for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, Injustice: Gods Among Us, the ultimate fighting game is now heading to PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita and PC. The game will come on this platforms in a new version entitled “The Ultimate Edition” that will run you from $39.99 to $59.99 depending […]

New Injustice character announcement at Evo

by Adam Larckon July 10, 2013
More DLC is on the way for Injustice: Gods Among Us. After General Zod recently hit the game, Shoryuken is reporting that a new teaser will be shown at Evo 2013 on Sunday teasing a new character. The trailer will reportedly show some gameplay, along with a new character skin, according to a tweet by […]

Injustice: Gods Among Us GOTY edition spotted on Amazon France

by Dragos Dobreon July 9, 2013
I don’t know if Amazon itends to do such things, but over the last one or two months Amazon leaked a lot of new game releases, and a lot of them happened to be true. Today, somebody over at AllGamesBeta spotted Injustice: Gods Among Us Goty Edition on Amazon. As listed, the game will be […]

Wishlist #4: Sequels Wanted!

by Tonyon June 27, 2013
Well hey there folks, here’s some sequels to video games that I’d really enjoy. Previously, I’ve mentioned Movies, TV Shows, and Graphic Novels that would all be great to suddenly zap into existence–but what about pre-existing games that deserved sequels but got snubbed? Well here’s five of ’em. 1.)    Crazy Taxi 4 Supposedly, if one […]

A familiar face returns to NetherRealm’s ‘Injustice’ as DLC

by Ryan Bateson June 3, 2013
Well, this one certainly came out of left field. After Lobo and Batgirl were introduced to the world of Injustice: Gods Among Us, people began speculating who would be the next downloadable character. Would it be another superhero? Perhaps Beast Boy or Starfire to round out the Teen Titans would appear. Or maybe Poison Ivy […]

Updated: Confirmed – Downloadable Character Batgirl Enters ‘Injustice’

by Ryan Bateson May 9, 2013
One of the best things about Injustice is its wide variety of superheros and villains from the DC universe, which leads to DLC offerings that many might actually find worthwhile. The first was Lobo, the alien intergalactic bounty hunter and occasional thorn in Superman’s side. The next one, however, is a lot less slovenly, but […]

WBIE confirms ‘Injustice’ DLC will be available for Wii U

by Ryan Bateson May 8, 2013
It seems as it studios might be possibly seeing through the haze of Nintendhate, as studios are testing out the waters of the first eighth-gen console on the market. Hot on the heels of news that AAA titles like Batman: Arkham Origins and WATCH_DOGS will hit the Wii U, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment confirmed via […]

Ed Boon Talks Cross-Platform Gaming at C2E2

by Josh Boykinon April 27, 2013
During a roundtable today at C2E2, the Chicago Comics and Entertainment Expo, Ed Boon, Creative Director for Netherrealm Studios and the man behind DC Comics’ smash game Injustice: Gods Among Us, talked a bit about the Injustice mobile game and Netherrealm’s approach to cross-platform gameplay. A lot of it was our experience with another mobile fighting game […]

C2E2 2013: Bringing Comics, Games, Anime, and More to the Midwest

by Josh Boykinon April 27, 2013
I’m Josh Boykin, and this weekend I’ll be posting news, pictures, and editorials fresh from C2E2, the Chicago Comics and Entertainment Expo. Since its launch in 2010 the event has exploded, increasing its exposure and clout here in the good ol’ Midwest. To kick things off I interviewed Lance Fensterman, organizer of C2E2 and Global […]

IG NEO – DC’s Injustice video game review

by Chris Boreson April 26, 2013
[starrater tpl=10] Irate Gamer checking in with the lastest offering from Warner Brothers