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Procedurally-Generated Racer SmuggleCraft Makes Me Excited

by Josh Boykinon April 13, 2015
I lived in the St. Louis-area for a few months this past year; during that time I was lucky enough to check out the PixelPop Festival; a new convention with a large focus on games, game development, and music. The Midwest tends not to get the hype that events run on either of the coasts […]

Preview: Melancholy Republic

by Rachael Wardon March 29, 2015
The path to power is a steep and dangerous one, even more so for individuals who attempt to follow it with integrity. But even once that power is secured, how do you wield it? Or will having it even make a difference? These are the questions that the up coming JRPG style video game Melancholy […]

It’s about damn time Unreal Engine is free

by Tyler Colpon March 2, 2015
Epic Games has made its hugely popular game-making software Unreal Engine 4 free. There’s no trial period, there’s no pro version; it’s completely free. It’s a big move for the company, particularly because for the longest time Unreal Engine was unaffordable for most independent developers. It’s been used mostly for big games like Gears of […]

Gaming with Killatia Cannon Brawl

by killatiaon September 20, 2014
Today on Gaming with Killatia we check out a sweet little indie game known as Cannon Brawl for the PC. Facebook: Twitter: Patreon: Website:

PS4 system architect Mark Cerny working on a new game

by Dragos Dobreon July 14, 2014
Speaking with Eurogamer at Develop last week, legendary Mark Cerny has revealed that he is currently working on a new indie game exclusively for the PlayStation 4. “I have a few projects. I’m getting sort of an indie title going – it’s not really indie because it’ll be fully funded. But it’ll be nice to […]

The PS4 and Xbox One will never have this must-play indie game

by Tyler Colpon July 4, 2014
In these summer months, the lead up to the explosion of games in October, there’s not a lot of new games to play, especially on the Xbox One or PlayStation 4. If you’ve got a PC, the Steam sale helps, but it doesn’t solve the problem. No, when you need new games these days, you […]

GGTV – Power-Up Review (PC)

by Josh Boykinon March 24, 2014
GotGame Staff Writer Josh Boykin takes on the single-handedly developed space shooter Power-Up by Psychotic Psoftware. Buy it now on Desura! Vote for it on Steam Greenlight!  

Independent Ideas: The True Power of The Last of Us: Left Behind

by Tyler Colpon February 16, 2014
The video game short story is increasingly becoming a popular, effective form of the medium. For the past decade game stories have grown longer and duller. Some of them don’t even end. Games like Gone Home and Papers, Please prove that what we thought was the future of games is wrong. Games can be two- to three-hour features with […]

Secrets of Rætikon to Release on Steam’s Early Access

by killatiaon December 12, 2013
Despite on reaching it’s Indiegogo campaign gold (though they will get the money either way but with extra fee though flexible funding) Broken Rules are still determine to release Secrets of Raetikon unto the world! In an email straight from Broken Rule’s Co-founder, Martin Pichlmair, the latest alpha build of the game will be hitting Steam’s […]

Ouya Free the Games Fund still continuing

by Dragos Dobreon September 11, 2013
OUYA will be continuing to support crowd-funded games for their Android-based console. Why? Because it’s good business for both them and for indie developers. Their funding idea is called “Free the Games Fund”. In this program, they will be double the money a developer will raise via Kickstarter if they agree to make the game […]

Paypal withholding crowdfunded games money

by Dragos Dobreon September 10, 2013
Yatagarasu Attack on Cataclysm is a PC fighting game that was crowdfunded through Indiegogo this summer. The fundraising managed to earn more than $118,000; money that will help the developer a lot to build their game. All the money raised were deposited on a Paypal account that was locked down by the company, making impossible […]