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Gaming With Killatia Hyperkin Cadet Premium Nes Controller Review

by killatiaon September 8, 2017
Looking for a brand new controller for you old school NES or NES Clone consoles? Killatia takes at look at Hyperkin’s offering, The Cadet Premium Nes controller, and see if it worth your money! Youtube Channel: Twitch: Facebook: Twitter: Patreon: Website:

Killatia At E3 2017 Hyperkin’s Duke Xbox One Windows 10 Controller

by killatiaon June 21, 2017
Remeber last year’s Brute controller? The Xbox one and PC controller made by Hyperkin? Well here is the new successor to that controller call The Duke, a throwback to the first Xbox controller ever made. Here’s the interview to the original Brute controller:

Killatia AT E3 2017 Hyperkin’s Retron 77 Interview

by killatiaon June 20, 2017
Killatia talks to Celia Schilling of Hyperkin of there newest retro gaming console the Retron 77! This little thing can play all of your classic Atari 2600 games in glorious 1080p! There was another hyperkin product we talked about but lets save that for another video.

Gaming With Killatia Hyperkin x91 Xbox One Controller Review

by killatiaon February 27, 2017
What would you think if i say there was a 90’s retro style controller for the Xbox One and PC for $30 that is rock solid? Well that is exactly what your getting with Hyperkin’s latest Controller the X91! Does this retro like controller has what it takes to take on the completion with other […]

Killatia at E3 2016 Brute Xbox One Controller and Other Hyperkin Products Interview

by killatiaon June 24, 2016
Killatia checks out the huge Xbox One controller form Hyperkin call the Brute, a throw back to the old duck controller for the original Xbox. Also quickly talks about other Hyperkin products like the x91 controller for Xbox One and the Smartboy attachment for smartphones. Youtube Channel: Facebook: Twitter: Patreon: Website: […]

Gaming with Killatia RetroN 5

by killatiaon September 7, 2014
Today on Gaming with Killatia we take a look at the Hyperkin RetroN 5, a retro clone system that can play games from 5 classic gaming consoles. It’s also region free so you can play games from all regions of the earth! Special thanks to my friend Atroxie for the new logo: Be sure […]

Latest RetroN 5 Beta Firmware update Adds Fan Translation Patch Support

by killatiaon September 4, 2014
I got the RetroN 5 back in July and other then being a tad tricky to insert and remove Sega Genesis games I have been enjoy the system. Now the value of Hyperkin’s retro gaming console has added in some new features with the latest Firmware V 2.0 Beta 1 which includes IPS patch support. This means […]

The RetroN 5 Will FINALLY Be Release June 6

by killatiaon May 22, 2014
  That’s not a random stranger in front of a bunch of boxes. That’s Chris Gallizzi, Hyperkin’s Product Developer! And in those boxes are what should be the RetroN 5, Hyperkin’s flagship clone system that can play 5 different retro gaming consoles (NES, Famicom, Snes, Genesis, and the entire Gameboy line) and there imported game versions as […]

The Retron 5 Will Not Be Making Its Dec.10 Release, Delayed Until Q1 2014

by killatiaon November 27, 2013
  It is my sad duty to announce that the Retron 5, the 5 in 1 retro gaming system, has been delayed until the first quarter of 2014. Hyperkin, the company behind the system, stated that they discovered faulty pins in some units  and this delay will help them fix the problem so that gamers will […]

Hyperkin Announces A December Release For The Retron5

by killatiaon September 19, 2013
  It’s official, the highly anticipated retro gaming console, the Retron5, will be release this holiday on December 10 2013 for $99.99 according to Hyperkin’s official blog. Originally rumored to be released on Oct 31 based on an Amazon listing, Hyperkin stated that the system was delayed so the company could make some much needed modifications […]

Killatia at E3 2013 Retron 5 Interview

by killatiaon June 21, 2013
killatia talks with Chris Gallizzi, Product Developer for Hyperkin, about his company’s latest product the Retron 5! My Facebook page: My Twitter: