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GGR 951 – WWE 2K15 & Helldivers  

by Steve Masterson March 5, 2015
Listen up video gamers… it’s Steve Masters with GotGame! WWE fans… now you can play as the worlds strongest man… Mark Henry! The new DLC for WWE 2K15 has the full Hall of Pain story from the events that happened in 2012 through 2013. Mark Henry…? Brutal! Hall of Pain for WWE 2K15 is out now.. […]

Helldivers Walkthrough & Guide

by Dragos Dobreon March 3, 2015
Super Earth needs your help in the latest PlayStation exclusive top down shooter Helldrive. Play as one of the “democracy” enforcers, and try to protect the galaxy from the three villain factions. Nobody said it was easy, but everyone is counting on you… so better gear up! But if you ever feel like you can’t […]

HELLDIVERS Review – Time to give some hell!

by Dragos Dobreon March 2, 2015
I’m pretty straightforward when it comes to games, I either hate or love them with all my heart. Strange enough, this wasn’t the case with Arrowhead Game Studios’ top down shooter HELLDIVERS. While the first couple of hours were a complete nightmare for me, the rest were something I classify as a mystery for both me, […]

New Game Releases Week of March 1-7 – Helldivers, Zombie Army Trilogy & More

by Dragos Dobreon March 1, 2015
The first week of March starts strong, with at least one interesting title for every gamer out there. While there’s no important triple-A game launching this week, there sure are a few noteworthy. It’s the perfect time to test your co-op skills in Helldivers and secure unknown planets, or continue the horrifying adventure in the second episode […]

Helldivers – Launch on PS4, PS3 and PS Vita Next Month

by Mihai Cosmin Naeon February 14, 2015
Arrowhead Game Studios has revealed the launch date for Helldivers, a new exclusive shooter game for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and PS Vita with cross-play support. Helldivers sees a Declaration of War between Super Earth and intergalactic alien threats. The Federation has decided that the bug threat is becoming too great. Senator John W. Killjoy declared that […]