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PlayStation 4 Firmware 2.0 Was Expected Before DriveClub, But Still Not Coming

by Tatiana Dinuon October 4, 2014
According to a Tweet posted by the industry insider Tidux, it seems that the PlayStation 4 firmware 2.0 won’t be released before the exclusive PS4 game, DriveClub. Even if the PS4 firmware 2.0 was expected before the release of DriveClub, now all you’ll have to do is wait for the game, because the firmware is not […]

Gamescom Games Jam ends successfully

by Charlie Grammeron September 3, 2014
Online developer InnoGames was thrilled that their first Gamescom Games Jam has ended successfully. The Games Jam was a competition hosted by the developer in which a total of twelve participants developed three games within 96 hours. To make things even more interesting (and perhaps stressful for the developers), this was all done with 335,000 […]

There’s a hidden giant spider in the Bloodborne gameplay video

by Tyler Colpon August 25, 2014
There’s a lot of creepy things in the recently released Gamescom gameplay video of From Software’s Bloodborne, but I bet a lot of people missed the worst one: a giant spider. It’s hard to see, but you can catch a few glimpses of it in the video. The best shot I could find was right […]

Woolfe: The Red Hood Diaries shows GamesCom interviews

by Charlie Grammeron August 19, 2014
Today the developers behind the upcoming PC title, Woolfe: The Red Hood Diaries, decided to share a video showing off various interviews during this year’s GamesCom event. You can see these here: If the title seems interesting, based on the above videos, and you want more information on the game, GRIN Gamestudio has a Kickstarter […]

Meet Mega Audino in new trailer

by Charlie Grammeron August 14, 2014
Today The Pokémon Company International decided to show off a new trailer featuring Mega Audino, the Mega-Evolved form of Audino. This trailer was shown off at GamesCom in Cologne, Germany. Faithful players will recall that Audino was not known to evolve from or to any other form, making this an even more interesting twist to […]

Minecraft: PlayStation 4 edition was given to Sony for the final test

by Tatiana Dinuon August 13, 2014
According to 4J Studios, Minecraft: PlayStation 4 edition was given to Sony for its final test. If the game passes the test (and it will), it will more than certain be released soon on PS4. Also, at Gamescom 2014 it has been released a trailer for the PlayStation Vita version of the game which can […]

How Rise of the Tomb Raider’s Xbox exclusivity represents the nature of the games industry

by Tyler Colpon August 13, 2014
“What’s the difference between a corporation and a person?” “Have you ever held a door open for someone?” “Yes.” “Did you ask them for money first?” “No.” “That’s the difference.” — Aaron Sorkin, The Newsroom The video game industry is a product-based industry. That means that game companies make products, or games, to sell to […]

Dead Island 2 to be playable at GamesCom

by Charlie Grammeron August 11, 2014
Today the people over at Deep Silver revealed the first gameplay trailer for their upcoming title, Dead Island 2. Dead Island 2 is the next installment in the multi-million-selling Dead Island franchise, and the trailer revealed marks the gameplay debut as sunshine meets bloody violence in the sunny realms of California. The game, developed by YAGER, will […]

The Division: new trailers, Xbox One version to be show at Gamescom

by Dragos Dobreon August 10, 2014
Ubisoft has just released a brand new trailer for Tom Clancy’s The Division, with a straight promise to show the Xbox One version of the game for the first time at Gamescom 2014. We already saw the PlayStation 4 version of the game, and we’re very eager to see how Xbox One will handle the […]

Rising Star Games shows off their GamesCom 2014 lineup

by Charlie Grammeron August 8, 2014
Recenly Rising Star Games signed on several new titles to their label. Having done so, they want to assure people that they will indeed be attending this year’s GamesCom event and will be bringing three such titles that will be playable. The first playable game is called Tulpa. This title, which will arrive on PC, […]

Sierra might be revived at Gamescom 2014

by Dragos Dobreon August 8, 2014
Activision allegedly revealed via a trailer on the website the possible comeback of the series. The website shows you a short teaser and then invites you to see more about this at Gamescom 2014. In the past few years, a lot of dummy websites appeared on the internet, showing fake trailers and making people think […]