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Gaming With Killatia Brawlhalla Review

by killatiaon October 29, 2017
Looking for a good Super Smash Bros like game for your PC or PS4? How about a good Super Smash Bros like game for your PC or PS4 that is also free to play? Today on Gaming with Killatia we take a look at a sweet indie game take on the Smash Bro style fighting […]

Gaming With Killatia Bengoo Gaming Mouse Review

by killatiaon December 15, 2016
What if I told you that you can find a gaming mouse for $10 that can compete against a $50 mouse? I know crazy right? But this Beegoo Gaming Mouse can most certainly get the job done. So whats the catch with this $10 gaming mouse then? Watch to find out. Youtube Channel: Twitch: […]

Gaming With Killatia Titanfall 2 Review

by killatiaon November 7, 2016
Today on Gaming With Killatia we take a look at Respawn Entertainment’s latest fps Titanfall 2! Not just an improvement over its predecessor but it also add in a nice beefy single player campaign as well. How does it fair when games like Battlefield One also wants your game time? Titanfall 2 was played on […]

Review | Life Is Strange: Episode 2 – Out of Time

by Tyler Colpon March 24, 2015
The ability to go back in time and change what you’ve done is a life-changing super power. One that can fix mistakes, explore different options, remove regret, and save lives. There’s so many possibilities that it would be hard not to abuse it. For a story, especially a video game story, a power like that […]

It’s about damn time Unreal Engine is free

by Tyler Colpon March 2, 2015
Epic Games has made its hugely popular game-making software Unreal Engine 4 free. There’s no trial period, there’s no pro version; it’s completely free. It’s a big move for the company, particularly because for the longest time Unreal Engine was unaffordable for most independent developers. It’s been used mostly for big games like Gears of […]

Over 100 GAME Stores Will Sell Nintendo’s New 3DS at Midnight

by Dragos Dobreon February 12, 2015
US retailer GAME has announced that over 100 stores will be opened at midnight to sell Nintendo’s New 3DS and New 3DS XL consoles. The two new handhelds are available in several bundles, and will be accompanied by important titles such as Monster Hunter 4: Ultimate and The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D. For […]

Review | Life Is Strange Episode 1: Chrysalis

by Tyler Colpon February 4, 2015
If there’s a genre that consistently and courageously explores the relationship between you and the character you play as, it’s adventure games. It’s a genre built on aligning the player and the character into one perceptive whole. It’s about empathy, as all stories are, but it’s also about careful design that builds into this sort […]

Tony Hawk is Coming to PlayStation 4

by Mihai Cosmin Naeon January 6, 2015
At Sony’s CES 2015 keynote in Las Vegas Tony Hawk announced that his next skateboard game will be heading to PlayStation 4 in 2015. There were no details about the game presented, not even a title or if the game will continue the Pro Skater series or will start a new one. Also, there are no details […]

How to choose the best game of 2014

by Tyler Colpon December 17, 2014
It’s December, and that means that people are going to start discussing the best games that came out this year. This is a fun battle to fight because you get to look back on the great experiences of 2014. But whittling it down to one, to that single game that you can point to as […]

Spaceteam Review – iOS / Android

by hard4gameson December 16, 2014
Spaceteam is a co-operative shouting game for phones and tablets! Developed by Henry Smith’s company; Sleeping Beast Games, Spaceteam is a co-operative, space technobabble shouting, command giving game. The game supports up to 8 players and is a blast to play with friends.

Review | Game of Thrones: Episode 1: Iron From Ice

by Tyler Colpon December 9, 2014
If you know Game of Thrones, the first episode of Telltale Games’ interactive story, Iron From Ice, stands among the best episodes in the popular HBO series, and, although I haven’t read them, I would guess the best scenes in the books too. Everything that makes George R.R. Martin’s dark fantasy universe work are there: […]