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It is impossible to beat Final Fantasy VI on Android (Update: Issues have been fixed)

by Charlie Grammeron January 20, 2014
We aren’t just being coy here. It is literally impossible (at the time of this post) to beat the game on Android devices for one simple reason. The game freezes and crashes at a certain point of the game. As a result, if you have anything past 4.2, you may not want to buy this game […]

Rockstar gives GTA Online players $500,000 in-game

by Charlie Grammeron October 11, 2013
To make up for the issues surrounding Grand Theft Auto Online’s launch, Rockstar has decided to give players $500,000 in-game cash. In order to qualify for this deposit, you must meet the following criteria:   You must play or have played Grand Theft Auto Online at any time during the month of October 2013 in order […]