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Why Nintendo Needs To Launch A New Console In 2016

by Justin Weinblatton March 16, 2015
Since this is the internet, and fans get very sensitive about these things, I’ll start by saying that I enjoy my Wii U.  It is the only current gen console I own as of now, and its 2014 lineup wreaked havoc on my wallet.  My personal enjoyment aside, the Wii U is clearly not a […]

Rumor Has It: NextBox May Have a Name Finally

by Ryan Bateson May 3, 2013
See, the funny thing about the Intert00bZ is that it makes it really hard to keep things a secret. The rumors are flying fast and loose with the news that Microsoft is squatting on a bunch of web domains featuring the word “XBox” and the word “Fusion,” including amongst them, .info, .biz, and […]