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Flappy Bird Gets a Sequel

by Robert Craciunon August 18, 2014
Flappy Bird creator, Dong Nguyen, is releasing a spiritual successor to the most loved/hated game ever to be on a phone. It’s called Swing Copters and it looks bonkers! After deciding that his popular creation was getting too addictive and taking it down from the app stores, it looks like Nguyen doesn’t plan to stop. His […]

GGR 751 – Far Cry Compilation & Flappy Bird

by Steve Masterson July 16, 2014
Listen up videogamers…it’s Steve Masters with GotGame! In the Far Cry Compilation… Blood Dragon is a stand alone disc! It’s nothing like any of the other Far Cry games. It’s got old school cinematics, sneaky knife take-downs and non stop joking around… blasting away at the part robot, part human enemies.. is ridiculously fun! Blood Dragon… find it […]

Will you give a rat’s ass about Flappy Bird’s return?

by Ramon Arandaon March 21, 2014
In early February, Flappy Bird, 2014’s most addicting game, was pulled from the Google Play Store and App Stores respectively, as creator Dong Nguyen claimed he felt guilty about the game’s addictiveness. Whether you believe his motives or not, there’s no denying that the game did become a huge hit, being the most downloaded game […]

A new version of Flappy Bird will return

by Tatiana Dinuon March 20, 2014
Dong Nguyen, the developer of Flappy Bird, has been talking to its fans on Twitter the possibitliy of a new version of the game coming back, but “not so soon”. Also, he confirmed that he is working on the new version of the game and that it will be released on it will be done. […]

Press Start & Win

by Maggie Wilandon March 15, 2014
I said in my article “The Power Of ‘No'” that I hadn’t played Flappy Bird, but I did download it right before it was taken off the app store simply because of my fetish for having stuff that’s no longer available, be it a game, movie or book. So a few days ago, I finally […]

You Thought Flappy Bird Was Addictive? Check This!

by Robert Craciunon March 12, 2014
If you miss the butt-squeezing difficulty and total addiction of Flappy Bird, or you just enjoy the regular satanic puzzle games, “2048” is the game for you! The puzzle game is browser-based and its creator is a Hacker News user named terabytest. He actually just re-made the game with better animations as the original one looked […]

Buy or Sell: Destiny, Wii U, Oculus Rift, Flappy Bird

by Ramon Arandaon March 4, 2014
Hey hey, we’re back with another edition of Buy or Sell, which has sadly waited for me to get off my ass and get it going again. In this week’s edition, we have John Curry and Patrick Brickhouse, who will give us their thoughts on a variety of topics, so let’s get right to it! […]

GGR 624 Flappy Bird & Angry Birds Go

by Steve Masterson February 18, 2014
Listen up videogamers… it’s Steve Masters with GotGame! Oh no… please no.. Flappy Bird is the latest mobile game sensation that has people screaming in pain. Ohhhhh crap! OK, I’ll just try one more time.. but the creator also went crazy… He pulled the Flappy Bird game from Android and iTunes! So if you didn’t […]

So Flappy Bird In Real Life is Officially a Thing Now…

by ubernauton February 18, 2014
Did you miss the Flappy Bird boat? Are you saddened by the fact that Google and Apple don’t want to approve any of the Flappy Bird clones? Well now there something even better… REAL LIFE FLAPPY BIRD!!! Now didn’t that just make your day? You can thank Fawn Qiu, organizer of New York Tech Meetup group High […]

Apple demands name changes, rejects Flappy Bird-inspired apps [UPDATE]

by Tyler Colpon February 17, 2014
Update: AMAXIM APPS have given me some more information regarding Apple’s request. “First, our game Flappy Valentine was approved by Apple on 2/12. In just 3 days after the approval, when the game was downloaded by about 100,000 users, we got a notice from Apple that we sent you before. I don’t think our users were […]

Play Flappy Bird as an MMO

by Adrian Marius Tomaon February 15, 2014
Because no horse is so dead that it can’t be further beaten, Flappy Bird has gotten the MMO treatment. Brought to to our attention by NeoGaf, you can join hundred of other players in simultaneous Flappy Bird pipe-dodging action in the FlapMMO. Can this version finally quench the Internet’s unslakable thirst for more Flapping Birds?