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Forsaken World Mobile update now live

by Charlie Grammeron March 25, 2016
Fedeen Games was excited to announce that the long-awaited expansion for the hit title, Forsaken World Mobile, has gone live, allowing players to adventure into the server-wide Epic Dungeons and engage battle in the new 3v3 Arena. Both of these encourage players to team up in pursuit of greater prizes and glories. Some of the other […]

Fedeen Games shows off Epic Dungeon in Forsaken World Mobile

by Charlie Grammeron March 22, 2016
Fedeen Games has taken the fans of Forsaken World Mobile into one of the most anticipated additions in the upcoming expansion, the Epic Dungeons. They have shared a new video showing off this challenge, allowing players to see how the Dungeons will work and what can be found inside. Check it out below: The Epic Dungeons […]

Forsaken World Mobile to experience shift in Faerie’s role

by Charlie Grammeron March 4, 2016
Fedeen Games recently announced that the upcoming expansion for their hit mobile MMORPG, Forsaken World Mobile, will feature a monumental shift in the role each player’s Faerie character will play in the overall gaming experience. They’ve also shared some more information about the new 3V3 Arena. Check out the trailer below: Players of Forsaken World […]

Forsaken World Mobile receives another expansion in Spring

by Charlie Grammeron February 4, 2016
Fedeen Games was thrilled to announce that their hit mobile role-playing game, Forsaken World Mobile, will be receiving another massive expansion in Spring 2016. This expansion will bring quite a few new features to Forsaken World Mobile, such as the new Epic Dungeons. These events require every player on a server to unite in a battle, creating […]

Forsaken World Mobile: Babel Ascending goes live

by Charlie Grammeron November 26, 2015
Yesterday Fedeen Games announced that the new update to their hit mobile MMORPG, Forsaken World, has gone live. This update, known as Babel Ascending, is available on both iOS and Android, and players will be required to manually download the new version of the game in order to get the update. This new update brings forth the Babel […]

Pocket Gothic receives new traiiler

by Charlie Grammeron November 25, 2015
Fedeen Games has unveiled a new trailer for their upcoming mobile side-scrolling brawler, Pocket Gothic. This trailer, which you can view below, focuses on the game’s Arcanist class, showing off  her abilities while she carves through legions of foes. “The gorgeous effects combined with the intuitive, smooth controls and skill combo system are sure to […]

Pocket Gothic pre-registration now open

by Charlie Grammeron November 12, 2015
Fedeen Games has recently unveiled their newest project, known as Pocket Gothic. This title will be an action-packed sidescroller featuring anime-gothic looks and action-packed gameplay. The game will utilize beat’em up gameplay with the aesthetic that is, as the press release puts it, “equal parts dark horror and adorable anime”. You will be able to […]

Forsaken World Mobile: Babel Ascending receives new trailer

by Charlie Grammeron November 3, 2015
Fedeen Games is set to make this quarter of the year exciting for fans of Forsaken World Mobile. They’ve already revealed the Babel Ascending update, and now they are showing off the first look at this new content. For those unaware, Babel Ascending is set to bring quite a few challenges to Forsaken World Mobile […]

Forsaken World Mobile featured on Google Play, surpasses 1 million downloads

by Charlie Grammeron September 13, 2015
This past Wednesday, Google Play gave another honor to Fedeen Games. Having previously named them as one of its Top Developers, they have now honored their mobile MMORPG, Forsaken World Mobile, as one of he featured games. For those unaware, Forsaken World Mobile was actually one of the very first games to make use of […]

Forsaken World storms mobile devices

by Charlie Grammeron July 24, 2015
Recently the trumpets of war were sounded by Fedeen Games, as they announced that their successor to an acclaimed PC series, Forsaken World Mobile, officially launched across 92 countries on iOS and Android devices alike. Once fans have downloaded the game, they can choose between three servers, depending on their location. These servers are Deathbane […]

Forsaken World Mobile becomes one of the first games to participate in Google Play pre-registration

by Charlie Grammeron May 29, 2015
Fedeen Games was proud to announce that its upcoming game, Forsaken World Mobile, is one of the first mobile titles to participate in the new Google Play pre-registration feature. As such, interested gamers can pre-register for the game right now if they so desire on the Google Play Store. For those who don’t know, this […]