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Perfect Dark Film (Unofficial) – Interview w/ Director Marc Morisseau

by hard4gameson January 27, 2015
Based on Rare’s Perfect Dark games (N64/Xbox), This adaptation reimagines the story of Joanna Dark in her inception. Joanna Dark, a secret agent for the Carrington Institute, returns from suspension on a new mission to recover a defected military official, only to find that her agency is in the middle of an interstellar cold war. […]

Left 4 Dead Fan Film Makes Ya Think…

by Pierre Bienaiméon December 18, 2011
A few Sundays ago I had the unfortunate experience of thinking that another episode of The Walking Dead was ready for ceremonious consumption. One moment I was making a dash to the couch, giggling on the inside. The next I felt like a kid with cone in hand and ice cream on the sidewalk. I […]