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Dropzone Steam Early Access Impressions

by David Pooleon February 17, 2017
We’ve covered Dropzone before, having left E3 with a solid first impression. It’s been a good six months as players have been doing battle in the closed beta, honing their skills and figuring out great strategies. Due to fan feedback, the game now enters Steam Early Access, making it accessible to all. With the early […]

CORSAIR and Counter Logic Gaming join forces

by Charlie Grammeron January 10, 2017
CORSAIR was excited to announce its title sponsorship of Counter Logic Gaming. Counter Logic Gaming, or CLG, will help develop the next generation of CORSAIR gaming products while also utilizing CORSAIR peripherals exclusively as they compete for millions of dollars in prize money across the most competitive gaming arenas. George “HotshotGG” Georgallidis, founder of Counter […]

Preview | Dropzone puts the “sport” in eSports

by David Pooleon August 12, 2016
RTS (Real Time Strategy) and MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) games are definitely no stranger to the world of eSports, with popular titles like StarCraft II and League of Legends taking center stage on the competitive scene. Despite this, there are still a lot of elements in these games that don’t typically apply to the […]

Review | OpTic Gaming: The Making of eSports Champions

by Josh Boykinon July 3, 2016
It’s odd to think about a book that covers video gaming history but isn’t retro. This particularly feels weird when thought of in terms of eSports, since organized video game competitions aren’t exactly new. The business of eSports team development is a somewhat new and interesting phenomenon, though. One of the longest-running eSports teams out there […]

Cultivation: House of Snake Eyez episode 4 (Update: Episode link fixed)

by Charlie Grammeron December 1, 2015
The fourth episode of Cultivation: House of Snake Eyez has been released, following Snake Eyez as he trains in Japan. He participates in TGS 2015 and quickly learns that, though he is one of the best in America, he still has quite a lot to learn about Street Fighter.  Snake Eyez is certainly a great Zangief player, however […]

Cultivation: House of Snake Eyez episode 3

by Charlie Grammeron November 25, 2015
A new episode of Cultivation: House of Snake Eyez has been shared recently as Snake Eyez sets down in the land of Street Fighter. He finds himself in an unfamiliar new world filled with culture, hazy arcades, and the best competition any Street Fighter player could hope for. Will Snake Eyez be able to take it all in, or will […]

Cultivation: House of Snake Eyez Episode 2

by Charlie Grammeron November 17, 2015
The Cultivation web series continues as Darryl “Snake Eyez” Lewis continues his journey. This episode introduces two new characters, specifically the Mentor, Alex Valle, and the Rival, Daigo. Snake Eyez will recount his struggles against Daigo during Evo 2015, and David “Ultradavid” Graham explains in detail just how complex winning a match can truly become. Check out […]

Cultivation follows the lives of eSports athletes

by Charlie Grammeron November 11, 2015
A new Red Bull eSports series debuted yesterday. This series, known as Cultivation, follows various professional eSports athletes as they strive for dominance, with the first season following Darryl “Snake Eyez” Lewis, a professional Street Fighter player. You can check out the first episode below: You will be able to see as Darryl travels the […]

ESL heads to PAX Australia

by Charlie Grammeron September 7, 2015
PAX Aus and the Australian Cyber League (ACL) were excited to announce that the world’s premiere eSports organization, ESL, will be headed to this year’s PAX Aus in Melbourne for the first time. The ESL Arena will be staged over three full days in a massive arena on the PAX Aus show floor, hosting one […]

Adult website finalizes eSports sponsorship: Say hello to Team YP

by Charlie Grammeron December 3, 2014
Today a premier source for online adult entertainment, YP, announced the finalization of their long-awaited eSports sponsorship deal with Play2Win. Play2Win, for those unaware, is a team of competitive players that hail out of Spain. This team will debut under a new moniker, Team YP, at the start of the Gamergy competition in Madrid on […]

StarCraft II competition takes Atlanta’s center stage

by Charlie Grammeron June 6, 2014
Red Bull Media House revealed more information about their 2014 Red Bull Battle Grounds circuit, which will take place between July 11 and July 13 in Atlanta, Georgia. This is the only Atlanta-based event this year that falls within the sanctioning body’s WCS (World Championship of StarCraft) series, allowing spectators to witness as professional StarCraft […]