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SNES Version of Prince of Persia Hits the Wii Virtual Console

by Ramon Arandaon September 6, 2012
Not exactly a big day as it pertains to this week’s Nintendo Download offerings, but at least we have a well known title in the mix. Highlighting today’s latest update, the SNES version of Prince of Persia (which had been released in the UK, Europe and Japan already), is finally here on the Wii’s Virtual […]

Nintendo Download 8/30

by Justin Weinblatton August 30, 2012
Looking for some new content for your 3DS?  Well, Nintendo’s got you covered with a new batch of downloadable goodness. A demo version of Final Fantasy Theatrhythm is going to be made available to 3DS owners.  Theatrythm happens to be an excellent little music game, so anybody with an interest in rhythm games or Final […]

Double Dragon II Hits the Virtual Console

by Ramon Arandaon June 21, 2012
Today’s Nintendo Downloads update brings with it an NES Classic – Double Dragon II. Easily one of the more entertaining if not better DD games, Akklaim’s Double Dragon II is now available on the Wii’s Virtual Console for 500 Wii Points (remember Akklaim??). Also added to this week’s update is Ignition Entertainment’s Order Up!!! on […]

Nintendo Download Update (May 24)

by Drew Robbinson May 24, 2012
Just the other day, I was excitedly gawking at the fact that the PlayStation Vita was soon to become home to such pre-established experiences as Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time. Today, I’m excitedly gawking at the fact that the Nintendo 3DS is now home to the most pre-established experience of all: Game & Watch. Young […]

Nintendo Download Update (May 10)

by Drew Robbinson May 10, 2012
The other day, I was watching an episode of The Office when the thought struck me: this show is missing something. I’m not suggesting that the show is missing a coherent plot, memorable episodes, or a suitable replacement in the wake of Steve Carell’s leaving; I’m instead suggesting that the show lacks an awful lot […]

Nintendo Download Update (4/5)

by Ramon Arandaon April 5, 2012
It’s Thursday, which of course means it’s time to fire up those Nintendo systems and see what’s new in the eShop and Shop Channel. In this week’s update, Colors! 3D hits the eShop, letting players get their painting and doodling on.  The app features a robust set of painting tools that provides plenty of options […]

Nintendo Download Update – Feb. 23

by Ramon Arandaon February 23, 2012
Nintendo has rolled out a new update today via their eShop and Nintendo Shop Channel. The highlight of the day is the 3DS title, Dillon’s Rolling Western, which is a tower-defense game with a little bit of action thrown into the mix.  You’ll take the roll of Dillon, an armadillo ranger who will need to […]

Nintendo Releases 3D Classics Version of Kirby’s Adventure

by Ramon Arandaon November 17, 2011
While Nintendo had already released Kirby’s Dream Land, the original Gameboy title, on the Nintendo 3DS’ Virtual Console, the NES classic Kirby’s Adventure was still nowhere to be found for the 3DS. Luckily, Nintendo has finally decided to release it on the handheld in the form of a 3D Classic. That’s right, Kirby’s Dream Land […]

Nintendo Download Update – Nov. 10

by Ramon Arandaon November 10, 2011
While Nintendo is obviously keeping a large focus of its time this week to the  upcoming release of the highly anticipated Super Mario Land 3D, it’s still a Thursday, which means there is a new update to the eShop and Wii Shop Channel. This week’s offerings include Freakyforms: Your Creations Alive for the Nintendo 3DS. […]

Urban Champion Arrives in 3D

by Ramon Arandaon August 18, 2011
For this week’s downloads update from Nintendo, the Big-N has released a 3D version of the NES classic Urban Champion, onto the Nintendo 3DS’ eShop today. The game, which requires that players knock their opponents down a manhole within a time limit, includes 2-player action, and is available for $4.99. Another big hit, in the form […]

Mario Picross Hits the eShop

by Ramon Arandaon August 4, 2011
Another Thursday, another dose of Nintendo downloads. This week’s offerings are highlighted by Mario Picross for the Nintendo 3DS (via the eShop).  The old Gameboy classic is available for $3.99. Also available via the eShop for the 3DS and Nintendo DSi are action-shooter B Team – Episode 2 Ice & Venom($7.99), Go Fetch 2 ($4.99) and Play & Learn Spanish($7.99). There is […]