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Beholder to receive Blissful Sleep downloadable content

by Charlie Grammeron May 17, 2017
Alawar Entertainment and Warm Lamp Games released their dystopia simulator Beholder last year, which enjoyed a great reception from players and press alike. Tomorrow, on May 18, 2017, they will be unleashing their new downloadable content, Blissful Sleep, which will introduce several deeper, more complicated character backgrounds and story twists as it tells the pre-story […]

Dark Souls III: The Ringed City expansion to arrive in March

by Charlie Grammeron January 25, 2017
BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment was excited to announce that the final downloadable content expansion for DARK SOULS III, titled DARK SOULS III: The Ringed City, will be available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on March 28, 2017. This new adventure features you chasing after Slave Knight Gael to the literal end of the world as he searches for […]

GameStop hands out three free DLC packs for Moto Racer 4 pre-orders

by Charlie Grammeron January 13, 2017
Microïds, Kalypso Media Group, and GameStop were excited to announce that gamers who pre-order either the Xbox One or PlayStation 4 retail boxed version of Moto Racer 4 from GameStop will be granted three free DLC packs. These packs each include 1 new rider, 2 new bikes, 2 new horns, and a new emblem. Those to […]

Warhammer: End Times – Vermintide DLC brings Karak Azgaraz to console

by Charlie Grammeron January 11, 2017
Fatshark has announced that Karak Azgaraz will be invading consoles via a new Warhammer: End Times – Vermintide DLC on February 28, 2017. Amongst the snowy peaks of the Grey Mountains, you will once again be tasked with foiling the Skaven’s devious plot. Yu will need to fight through snow, ice, and even the ancient Dwarfen halls […]

XSEED has revealed Fate/EXTELLA: The Umbral Star will arrive in January

by Charlie Grammeron December 16, 2016
XSEED Games was recently excited to announce that the highly-anticipated action title set within the beloved Fate universe, Fate/EXTELLA: The Umbral Star, will arrive on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita in North America on January 17, 2017. There will be a limited run of the exclusive Noble Phantasm Edition bundle, which contains a 7.5″ by 6.3″ hardcover art book with […]

Total War: WARHAMMER to receive The King & The Warlord DLC

by Charlie Grammeron October 14, 2016
Creative Assembly has recently announced The King & The Warlord downloadable content for Total War: WARHAMMER, which includes the second Lords Pack for the game. It will bolster the forces of both The Greenskins and The Dwarfs, introducing famous rival characters, new iconic units, and new battle maps for both the Grand Campaign and Custom/Multiplayer battles. Here’s a quick […]

PAYDAY 2: The Big Score now available

by Charlie Grammeron September 11, 2016
505 Games and Starbreeze AB were recently excited to share PAYDAY 2: The Big Score, a downloadable content bundle featuring 10 premium DLC packs. Players have the choice to pick it up in parts for $4.99 ($6.99 for some) per pack, or all ten together for a 30% savings at $39.99. Here’s the list of […]

Purchase Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Spirit of Justice within first week to receive free costumes

by Charlie Grammeron September 11, 2016
With the recent release of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Spirit of Justice, those desiring to dress up some of the characters can do so for free, providing they purchase the game before September 14, 2016. The costume pack that will be granted to those who do adopt the game early include some rather intimidating […]

Total War: WARHAMMER latest content is live

by Charlie Grammeron September 5, 2016
Creative Assembly has released a new Legendary Lord free for Total War: WARHAMMER. This Legendary Lord is Vlad von Carstein, the first, and arguably greatest, of the Vampire Counts, who is a nigh-unrivalled practitioner of the Lore of Vampires, whose thirst for the the throne of the Empire rivals that of Mannfred. Check out the […]

Guild of Dungeoneering Pirate’s Cove expansion now available

by Charlie Grammeron August 31, 2016
Gambrinous and Versus Evil were excited to unleash the first expansion pack for the distinctive mobile and tablet role-playing game, Guild of Dungeoneering. This Pirate’s Cove Adventure Pack will include 30% more game for players to enjoy, with a brand new pirate themed dungeon, three new dungeoneer classes, 23 new monsters, and 27 new items for you to equip. […]

Tiny Troopers Join Ops to receive Zombie Campaign DLC

by Charlie Grammeron August 31, 2016
Wired Productions was recently pleased to announce that Kukouri Mobile Entertainment’s bite-size, twin-stick arcade shooter, Tiny Troopers Joint Ops, will be receiving a fresh and exclusive Zombie Campaign downloadable content pack on PlayStation 3, 4, and Vita once September 27, 2016 rolls around. As part of this downloadable content pack, players will be able to check out eight […]