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Preview | Battlefield 1 — They Shall Not Pass DLC

by David Pooleon March 13, 2017
Last week, EA and DICE invited select Battlefield fans and members of the press to try out the first downloadable content pack for Battlefield 1, titled They Shall Not Pass. Focused on the armies of France during World War I, the game will receive quite a lot of new content for fans to look forward […]

Interview with Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Narrative Director Christofer Emgård

by Jeffrey Harrison September 7, 2015
Recently, I got the chance to catch up and speak with Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Narrator and DICE developer, Christofer Emgård, for an exclusive, one-on-one interview. Early 2016 will see the long-awaited follow-up to the Mirror’s Edge franchise with the reboot Mirror’s Edge Catalyst. In addition, Emgård is serving as the writer for the Mirror’s Edge: […]

DICE discusses tweaks planned for Battlefield: Hardline

by Ramon Arandaon July 2, 2014
DICE has updated the official Battlefield blog to discuss the beta for Battlefield: Hardline, which ended its beta phase late last month According to Thad Sasser, Lead Multiplayer Designer for the game, the team received a ton of feedback about what sorts of things players want to see changed or tweaked in the game. Sasser […]

3 reasons why Battlefield: Hardline might fail

by Tyler Colpon June 19, 2014
Battlefield: Hardline has a lot to prove after the disaster of last year’s Battlefield 4. It may have a new developer at the helm, Visceral Games, but it’s still running on the same exact engine Battlefield 4 does. Actually, right now, it’s a little behind. The beta that is available to all PC and registered […]

Battlefield 4 getting rubber-banding bug fix

by Ramon Arandaon April 25, 2014
DICE is finally looking at fixing one of the bigger (current) issues with Battlefield 4 – “rubber-banding.” The developer stated in a recent blog post that some players on certain platforms are still experiencing the issue which is typically caused by latency problems. “We’ve found that the root cause of the issue was a configuration […]

GGTV – Battlefield 4: Naval Strike DLC Preview with Dennis Brännvall

by Steve Masterson March 19, 2014
Follow us at to get your questions answered at our next interview! Dennis Brännvall, Gameplay Designer at EA DICE shows us all his favorites levels and new water based gameplay elements in the newest DLC for Battlefield 4, Naval Strike.

Battlefield 4 Naval Strike got a teaser trailer

by Tatiana Dinuon March 18, 2014
Upcoming this later month the third expansion of Battlefield 4 Naval Strike has got a teaser trailer released by DICE. As you will see below the trailer is very short intending to captivate the attention of its viewers. It shows some of the map locations and some flashes of the Titan mode. The full trailer […]

Oculus’s new chief architect is Atman Binstock

by Tatiana Dinuon March 11, 2014
Atman Binstock has been announced as the new chief architect for Oculus. Before Valve, Atman has worked for companies like DICE, RAD and Intel in which he has led different projects. Atman talks about how the game programmer and the technical writer, Michael Abrash has managed to convince him to work for Valve. After that, […]

Battlefield 4 is on Best Buy’s deal of the day

by Charlie Grammeron January 17, 2014
If you’re a Battlefield fan and you’ve yet to pick up Battlefield 4, you may want to today. The reason being that it has entered Best Buy’s deal of the day and is currently selling for $25. The game, which has had its problems, has still managed to capture an 81 on Metacritic, though the […]

EA claims that if there is a Battlefield game in 2014, it won’t be developed by DICE

by Charlie Grammeron December 6, 2013
Speaking with gaming business analyst Michael Pachter, EA has stated that any new Battlefield game in 2014 wouldn’t be developed by DICE. According to Mr. Pachter, EA management stated, “Although they have not yet announced a version of Battlefield for FY:15,” Pachter wrote in a note to investors and media, “they confirmed that our understanding […]

DICE continues the Player Appreciation Program by giving out special scope

by Charlie Grammeron December 6, 2013
Gamers may recall that a while back, DICE announced a Player Appreciation Program as a sort of apology for the issues that Battlefield 4 is facing. Today they’ve given out a new item as part of that program. This item is the M1911 pistol scope, which had previously been exclusively available to DICE developers. The […]