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Hearthstone: League of Explorers Annouced at BlizzCon 2015

by Tatiana Dinuon November 8, 2015
Hearthstone is getting a new expansion, and it was announced recently at BlizzCon 2015. The expansion is called League of Explorers and you’ll get to explore the archaeological sites of Azeroth and treasure hunter Brann Bronzebeard. Below is available a trailer which will help you to understand what the experience will be like, and also, […]

New Cars, Guns and Another Things Added to GTA 5 With the Latest Update

by Tatiana Dinuon July 9, 2015
Yesterday, Grand Theft Auto 5 has received the second part of Ill-Gotten Gains Update. Once with the update there were added in game new cars, guns, clothes, and more. The update is focused o high-end items, and starting with yesterday it is available on PCs, and consoles too. Below are listed the things added, and three photos. […]

Battleborn – For Every Kind of Badass Trailer

by Mihai Cosmin Naeon June 4, 2015
A new trailer for 2K and Gearbox‘s Battleborn has been revealed. Even if the game looks like a MOBA, borrowing elements from DOTA and League of Legends, Battleborn doesn’t fit that category. The game has a co-op story mode and a lot of multiplayer modes. “Battleborn is set in a distant future, where nearly every star in the […]

Dying Light’s £250K ‘My Apocalypse Edition’ Detailed

by Mihai Cosmin Naeon February 24, 2015
Do you know which is the most expensive limited edition for a video game? I don’t, but Dying Light ‘My Apocalypse’ Edition could be the one. Being exclusively available at GAME for £250,000, this ridiculous expensive edition will get you: Custom built Dying Light Zombie Home by Tiger Log Cabins Zombie avoidance parkour lessons with Ampisound, […]

Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor – The Bright Lord DLC Detailed

by Mihai Cosmin Naeon February 20, 2015
Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor’s upcoming The Bright Lord DLC will give the possibility to take the role of Talion’s companion, Celebrimbor the Elven Lord. The add-on features a ten mission campaign set thousands of years before the events of the main game’s story, which will end with a confrontation with Sauron. “During the main story of Shadow […]

Battlefield Hardline – Exclusive ‘Veteran’s Pack’ for Veteran Players

by Mihai Cosmin Naeon February 20, 2015
Visceral Games and EA Games have prepared a little surprise for those who played Battlefield: Bad Company 2, Battlefield 3 and Battlefield 4: a free Veteran’s Pack in Battlefield Hardline. If you have been playing any of these games on any platform, then you will get your reward for loyalty. The Veteran’s Pack for Battlefield Hardline will include: One […]

Assassin’s Creed: Unity – Patch #5 Has Arrived

by Mihai Cosmin Naeon February 18, 2015
How long has it been since the launch of Assassin’s Creed Unity? Three or four months and the game does not work as it supposed to do? Don’t worry, Ubisoft released a new patch this week for its probably the buggiest game in their history. With the release of the fifth patch on Xbox One and PS4, […]

DriveClub Update 1.11 Adds the New Kobago Track and Other Improvements

by Mihai Cosmin Naeon February 16, 2015
Evolution Studios has released a new patch for DriveClub, PlayStation 4’s exclusive racing game. The update brings a new Japan track, a new Team Time Trial multiplayer mode, lower Tour progress requirements and prepares the players for new DriveClub add-ons set to come on February 24th. Let’s take a closer look at what DriveClub’s Update 1.11 has to […]

Persona 5 – New Details About Protagonists, Setting and Dungeons

by Mihai Cosmin Naeon February 10, 2015
After Persona 5 has received “an excelent gameplay trailer”, new details were revealed about the game from the pages of Famitsu magazine. The details reffer to the protagonists, setting, dungeons, anime cut-scenes and more. The game’s anime sequences will be created by Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex studio Production IG, the turn-based combat will come back […]

Bloodborne – Chalice Dungeons Explained Video

by Mihai Cosmin Naeon January 30, 2015
From Software has detailed Bloodborne’s Chalice Dungeons with a new trailer. According to the PlayStation Blog “As you play through Bloodborne you’ll obtain various items that you can use to perform rituals in the game’s central hub area. These rituals serve to open up a Chalice Dungeon.” “These dungeons are ruinous areas underneath the town of Yharnham that differ depending […]

Crosshair Presented for Battlefied Hardline

by Mihai Cosmin Naeon January 21, 2015
Visceral revealed a new mode titled Crosshair, for their upcoming shooter Battlefield Hardline.  In Crosshair, one team of five Law Officers attempts to extract a player-controlled VIP from one of two locations on the map, while another team of Criminals attempts to eliminate either the VIP or all of the other players. There are no vehicles or respawns […]