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After Angry Birds Suffer 73% Profit Drop, Banks on 3D Animated Movie!

by Chris Boreson May 19, 2016
Rovio posted that they company has suffered a 73 percent profit drop showing the latest sign its mainstay Angry Birds brand is losing appeal. Now they are pinning their hopes to a costly 3D movie project to help return the appeal back to normal.This could be an interesting move. Rovio said total sales fell 9 […]

iPhone 5 Launch’s Large Outcome Predicted To Be Apple’s Last

by Andrew Kenton September 21, 2012
Today the iPhone 5 launches and it has been a BIG success. Over 2 million devices were sold within the first 24 hours that the phone was available for pre-order. This number being over twice that of the iPhone 4S’ pre-sale orders within the first 24 hours. It’s even predicted that Apple will sell over […]