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The magic of music – ‘Fantasia: Music Evolved’ a surprise hit at E3

by Ryan Bateson June 16, 2013
Every year at E3 there’s a game somewhere out on the floor that, when found, those who see it end up with their jaw agape saying, “Wow. Didn’t see THAT coming.” Fantasia: Music Evolved was this year’s game no one saw coming.     We saw the trailer at Disney’s E3 booth and thought it […]

Harmonix to announce a new game tommorow

by Dragos Dobreon June 3, 2013
Harmonix, the company behing popular franchises like Rock Band and Dance Central revealed via a tweet that a new game will be revealed tomorrow. The great thing is that they are going to announce a brand new game, nothing related to Rock Band and/or Dance Central series. The studio is currently working on three different […]