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New PS4 Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition gameplay compared to old versions

by Tyler Colpon October 6, 2014
United Front Games has been working on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One version of Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition for a while. While we’ve seen some footage of the higher-resolution game, we’ve not as much as the developer posted today. We thought it would be fun to look at how much the open world crime […]

GTA 5 delay, and the role of skepticism in games journalism

by Tyler Colpon August 19, 2014
The job of a journalist is to ask the right questions. Those questions represent the audience the journalist is reporting to and aim to achieve one goal: to find the clearest form of the truth. Part of that responsibility includes being skeptical. Skepticism is vital tool against lies or people hiding the truth. With games, it […]

Man allegedly threatens lives of two Nintendo executives

by Charlie Grammeron November 20, 2013
Today a 25 year-old man was arrested in Japan for allegedly threatening two Nintendo executives. This news, reported by Sankei News (via Kotaku) states that on May 20, the suspect allegedly accessed the online inquiry form on Nintendo’s homepage via his home computer. He went ont o name two Nintendo executives that he was “going to […]

58 Xbox Ones stolen more than a week before launch

by Charlie Grammeron November 19, 2013
While the PlayStation 4 had a few day-one robbers in the same city, the Xbox One manages to defeat that “achievement”. Microsoft’s next-generation console had fifty-eight units stolen one full week before launch in Memphis, Tennessee. A 31-year-old Memphis man is facing charges of theft and filign a false report in relation to buying a […]

Two Crooks Launch Real-Life ‘GTA’ Mission to Fuel Online Gaming Addiction

by Ryan Bateson February 4, 2013
The next time you wonder if your friend or significant other is obsessed with gaming, remember this story: two young men in China have been arrested after attempting to steal and sell a cab for cash to fuel their online gaming obsession. Liu, 25, had a fight with his wife in November 2012, according to […]