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Gaming With Killatia Hyperkin Cadet Premium Nes Controller Review

by killatiaon September 8, 2017
Looking for a brand new controller for you old school NES or NES Clone consoles? Killatia takes at look at Hyperkin’s offering, The Cadet Premium Nes controller, and see if it worth your money! Youtube Channel: Twitch: Facebook: Twitter: Patreon: Website:

Killatia At E3 2017 Hyperkin’s Duke Xbox One Windows 10 Controller

by killatiaon June 21, 2017
Remeber last year’s Brute controller? The Xbox one and PC controller made by Hyperkin? Well here is the new successor to that controller call The Duke, a throwback to the first Xbox controller ever made. Here’s the interview to the original Brute controller:

Gaming With Killatia Hyperkin x91 Xbox One Controller Review

by killatiaon February 27, 2017
What would you think if i say there was a 90’s retro style controller for the Xbox One and PC for $30 that is rock solid? Well that is exactly what your getting with Hyperkin’s latest Controller the X91! Does this retro like controller has what it takes to take on the completion with other […]

Killatia at E3 2016 PDP Legendary Collection Interview

by killatiaon June 19, 2016
Killatia talks to Jacob of PDP at E3 2016 and checks out the Legendary Collection at there booth! The collection includes the Sound of Justice and the Deliverer of Truth! Youtube Channel: Facebook: Twitter: Patreon: Website:

GGTV – VirZOOM Bicycle VR Controller Demo with Eric Janszen

by Steve Masterson December 29, 2015
Eric Janszen from VirZOOM has something totally new to show us. Their stationary bicycle VR controller eliminates one of the biggest problems with current virtual reality user experiences. Check it out!

Gaming With Killatia Spectra Illuminated Controller Review

by killatiaon April 25, 2015
  Today on Gaming With Killatia We take a look at the Spectra Illuminated Controller from Power A. Its a third party Xbox One Controller that’s just as good as the first party option but with over 225 led illumination options to customize it’s looks. But how does it play with your favorite Xbox One […]

Gaming With Killatia Super Nintendo Super Advantage Joystick Controller

by killatiaon February 18, 2015
We all heard of the Nes Advantage Joystick for the Nes but how about the Super Advantage Joystick for the Snes? Killatia takes alook at this sweet controller from Asciiware! Youtube: Facebook: Twitter: Patreon: Website: Twitch page:

DualShock 4 Controller Wirelessly Compatible with PlayStation 3

by Mihai Cosmin Naeon July 2, 2014
The DualShock 4 controller can now be used wirelessly with the PlayStation 3 following a recent update for Sony’s last generation console (4.60 firmware update). Until this moment, the DualShock 4 could only be used with the PS3 via USB. These are great news, but there are also a few catches. The controller is registered […]

PC Drivers Available For Xbox One Controller

by Adrian Marius Tomaon June 5, 2014
Microsoft revealed today that PC drivers are now available for the Xbox One controller. Major Nelson made the announcement, offering direct links to download the PC drivers for the Xbox One controller. Nelson wrote: “The new PC drivers will enable the Xbox One controller to be used with any game that featured gamepad support for […]

Xbox One controller to get PC support “soon”.

by Adrian Marius Tomaon May 24, 2014
Gamers hoping to play PC games with an Xbox One controller won’t have to wait much longer to do so, as Microsoft says PC support for its newest system’s controller will be available “very soon.” In response to a NeoGAF post (via Polygon) lamenting the lack of official PC support for the controller, Xbox Live […]

Evil Controllers unveils Xbox One Send-In Service

by Charlie Grammeron May 14, 2014
Recently Evil Controllers unveiled their Xbox One Send-In Service, allowing gamers to send in their Xbox One controllers for aesthetic upgrades as well as gameplay enhancements, such as their popular and exclusive Master Mod. The aesthetic upgrades include modification of the controller’s shell, ABXY buttons, D-Pad, LEDs, and more. In addition, you can choose to […]