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GotGame Giveaways 1/8/2018 [CLOSED]

by David Pooleon January 8, 2018
[EDIT: And our winner is Izzy Gomez! Congratulations for your win. Your codes will be emailed to you and we hope you enjoy the games. As for the next GotGame Giveaway, we’ll be holding it on February 12th. Unfortunately, if we dont have enough entrants next month, we may have to discontinue GotGame Giveaways, but […]

GotGame Giveaways 12/11/17 [CLOSED]

by David Pooleon December 11, 2017
(Edit: Looks like we have an easy win for our entrant, Chris Hodge! Congratulations! You will be notified shortly with your prizes. Hopefully the turnout will be better on January 8th when we return. We’ll try to make this next prize a good one!) Hey Gamers! Welcome to GotGame Giveaways! Previous communications said we would […]

GotGame Giveaways 11/6/17 [CLOSED]

by David Pooleon November 6, 2017
(Edit: And our winner is Leon! Thank you all for entering. The contest is now closed. We will email Leon shortly with the PS4 code for Samurai Warriors 4 Empires. See you again with another GotGame Giveaway on December 11th!) Hey Gamers! If you remember Free Stuff Friday from a little while ago, it’s time […]

Free Stuff Friday 9/22/17 [CLOSED]

by David Pooleon September 22, 2017
[Edit: Thank you to all who entered. This contest is now closed and the winner is….Izzy! Congratulations to our winner! We will have another Free Stuff Friday next month, so keep your eyes peeled.] Hey Gamers! Welcome to GotGame’s first ever Free Stuff Friday! We’re hoping to make this a regular thing, as we have […]

éS takes over Hoodrip Skateboarding with chance to earn free gear

by Charlie Grammeron April 7, 2016
With April underway, éS has decided to take over the mobile skateboarding game Hoodrip Skateboarding, which rewards players with real world prizes. During this month, there will be several éS sponsored contests live, allowing players the chance to win real-world shoes and other gear. The éS takeover month is merely the first major branded campaign inside […]

Star Trek: Alien Domain begins New Year’s Countdown event

by Charlie Grammeron December 23, 2015
Many Star Trek: Alien Domain players are still having fun with the Christmas event activities, however the developers have announced that they are already hosting a special New Year’s Countdown event beginning today and lasting through January 1, 2016. During this event, players have a chance to start the new year off with a lead on […]

Claimony partners with indie developers for new contest

by Charlie Grammeron October 20, 2015
Claimony has recently teamed up with various Indie studios in order to feature their games as rewards, they revealed today. “Indie developers struggle to get their gem in the hands of gamers. That’s a fact,” they stated in the official press release. “Gamers love rewards, especially hard-earned ones. That’s a fact. Claimony connects the dots […]

The Pokémon Company gives artists a chance to create their own Pokémon TCG card

by Charlie Grammeron February 13, 2015
Yesterday The Pokémon Company International and Nintendo sent out an invitation to all fans of  Pokémon and budding illustrators. This invitation is for a special international Pokémon Art Academy competition in which gamers will be able to utilize the title to enter their art in one of two categories: Dress-Up Pikachu or Your Favorite Pokémon. […]

Pokémon MegaStop takes over GameStop

by Charlie Grammeron December 8, 2014
Pokémon MegaStop takes over GameStop stores across the country today, The Pokémon Company International, in cooperation with GameStop, revealed. The Pokémon MegaStop is a display (or rather, displays) that is packed with a variety of official Pokémon merchandise for Trainers to enjoy. These MegaStops will be set up at select retail locations across the nation. The […]

Square reveals Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy Curtain Call contest

by Charlie Grammeron August 6, 2014
Square today revealed the Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy Curtain Call contest. All you have to do is submit a video of yourself singing, humming, whistling, or even playing the main theme of Final Fantasy on an instrument. All entries will be judged based on talent and creativity by none other than Nobuo Uematsu If this sounds like something you’re […]

Gamebusters myth 24: The Chris Houlihan Room

by Charlie Grammeron April 25, 2014
Welcome to another in our weekly Gamebusters series. For first-time readers, in this series I track down popular gaming myths and attempt to debunk them. Sometimes I’m successful and other times I end up proving that the myth in question is, in fact, true. This week I’ll be tackling another Zelda myth, the legendary Chris […]