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Company of Heroes celebrated 10 years

by Charlie Grammeron September 13, 2016
SEGA and Relic Entertainment released Company of Heroes ten years ago as of September 12, 2016, which went on to help define the real-time strategy genre. Throughout the franchise’s history, both modding and user-generated content have played an important role, with the modding community for the original Company of Heroes still going on strong. Company of Heroes 2 recently saw the […]

Preview | Company of Heroes 2

by JP Curzion May 15, 2013
Company of Heroes 2 is a WWII era RTS.  From what little they let me play on the preview version, this game looks awesome.  Solid gameplay, epic war music, and hordes of expendable conscripts to send to their deaths…I’m already hooked. Having never played the first one, I don’t know how this one improves upon […]

THQ Assets Divided at Auction

by Adam Larckon January 23, 2013
Many THQ properties have been split from the company following the auction yesterday. According to Kotaku, Relic Games, developer of Warhammer 40K and Company of Heroes, has been bought by Sega. Deep Silver purchased Volition and the Satins Row franchise, along with the Metro license. Ubisoft picked up the South Park RPG and THQ Montreal. […]

Company of Heroes 2 with Simon Watts

by Steve Masterson December 10, 2012
Simon Watts, Head Studio Communications, talks to us about Company of Heroes 2. He tells us what took them so long for a sequel, what to expect when playing for the first time and when to expect the game.

THQ Focus of Latest Humble Bundle

by Adam Larckon November 29, 2012
The newest Humble Bundle definitely isn’t so indie. The Humble THQ Bundle seems to have been created to help out an ailing company. By paying what you want, you can get Company of Heroes and two expansions for the game, along with Red Faction: Armageddon, Metro 2033 and Darksiders. Paying more than the minimum can […]