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Matt Stone talks about the South Park censorship

by Tatiana Dinuon March 7, 2014
This issue about the censorship of South Park: The Stick of Truth has been discussed by Matt Stone, the co-creator of South Park who said that “We weren’t willing to change the content, but also it doesn’t ruin the game – it’s like 40 seconds’ worth of the whole game.” When he was asked if […]

Australian version of Saint’s Row IV cut, no co-op worldwide

by Dragos Dobreon August 5, 2013
We all know that both Austria and Germany have a big problem when it comes to video games. A lot of games were restriced, and a lot more were cut down to pieces to hid every detail that upset the government. Volition’s latest game, Saints Row IV got this treatment aswell. The version that will […]

Burning Embers: Is Censorship Becoming The Norm?

by Andrew Kenton October 22, 2012
In today’s digital age there are almost an infinite number of web pages, mobile apps, online media, digital art, games, etc. that we consume daily. You’ve got your cat GIFs, Deviant Art, and casual games like Angry Birds. But what if we set certain rules and regulations as to what can be placed on different […]

Lollipop Chainsaw Will be Censored In Japan

by AJ Dellingeron February 7, 2012
The land of Japan is laying down the law with black censor bars. At least, unless you’re willing to fork out a little more money. The upcoming hack-and-slash cheerleader-based zombie killer Lollipop Chainsaw is going to have two versions of the game released, one for 17 and under and one for 18 and up. The 18 […]

Unecessary #@^& Censorship in Skyrim

by Andrew Kenton November 30, 2011
@#&#$ %&!* &(#! Check out the @^#$& Skyrim video with unnecessary @^(!$ censorship below. EXPLETIVE DELETED. EXPLETIVE DELETED.