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Click On Me, Senpai!

by Maggie Wilandon October 25, 2016
  A few years ago, I started getting into visual novels. Being someone who’s enjoyed reading my whole life (I know; a woman, reading?! What will they let us do next? Vote?! Operate them fancy motor vehicles?! The possibilities are endless!) it just seemed like the obvious move to combine both reading and video games […]

Xbox Games With Gold Leaked For August 2015

by Mihai Cosmin Naeon July 21, 2015
We still have 10 days to go until July ends, but it seems like the Xbox Live Games with Gold line-up for August 2015 has been leaked. A promotional image, featuring the games that will be available for free in August for Xbox Live Gold members, was anonymously shared on According to the leaked […]

You should be cautious about PlayStation Store game rentals

by Tyler Colpon March 14, 2014
If I were you, I’d temper my expectations about a rental service from Sony through PlayStation devices. The ability to rent games digitally through your console is fantastic for people who don’t want to spend money on full priced games, but if history means anything, the feature is unlikely to be as sweet as it […]

Terror Is Reality – 14 Games That Would Make Awesome Halloween Attractions

by Ryan Bateson September 6, 2013
It’s now September, and you know what that means… Time for back-to-school shopping? Heck no! That started around June. Time to start picking up Christmas decorations? No! Christmas is in Decem– well actually, that’s probably right considering retail marketing. But what I was alluding to was Halloween. The happy haunting holiday which has long held […]