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Vergil takes center stage as a new DMC 4 playable character.

Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition Details Revealed

by Charlie Grammeron March 24, 2015
Capcom has unveiled new details for the upcoming Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition, set to release on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One in Summer 2015. This Special Edition will include the original 2008 release of the game, three new playable characters, various gameplay improvements, and a new Legendary Dark Knight Mode. One of […]
The mighty Gore Magala sets its sights on the famous Six Flags Goliath roller coaster.

Capcom and Six Flags team up to bring Monster Hunter 4 to life

by Charlie Grammeron March 24, 2015
Capcom recently announced a partnership with Six Flags to bring the Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate experience to the guests at Six Flags Magic Mountain. As part of this campaign, the famous Goliath roller coaster will be re-themed to Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate from March 28 through August 10, 2015. The national Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate […]
Dead Rising

Interview with Dead Rising: Watchtower Director Zach Lipovsky

by Jeffrey Harrison March 19, 2015 recently had the opportunity to interview filmmaker Zach Lipovsky, the director of the new digital film release Dead Rising: Watchtower. Based on the hit Capcom video game franchise, the film marks the first film release from Legendary Pictures’ digital film division. The film also marks the first original feature-length film release on Sony’s Crackle […]


Resident Evil Revelations 2 now available in stores

by Charlie Grammeron March 17, 2015
Today Capcom was thrilled to bring the full retail version of their latest Survival Horror title, Resident Evil Revelations 2. This game is currently available in stores across North America, and will arrive in Europe on March 20 for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC. The full retail version of the […]
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Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate arrives on 3DS

by Charlie Grammeron February 13, 2015
Today Capcom was excited to announce via press release that Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate has officially arrived on Nintendo’s 3DS system. This title can be purchased in physical or digital form across North America and Europe, and is compatible will all of the 3DS family of systems, including the New 3DS that released today. Capcom […]

Review | Resident Evil HD Remaster

by David Pooleon February 12, 2015
Back in 1996, Capcom released what is now considered one of the most iconic horror franchises in the world. Resident Evil was the culmination of all the right aspects that were needed to make a horror game. The atmosphere was tense, it was easy to get surprised by various enemies, and the struggle of keeping […]

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Resident Evil HD Remaster Becomes Capcom’s Fastest-Selling Digital Title

by Tatiana Dinuon February 9, 2015
According to Capcom’s announcement, Resident Evil HD Remaster is the fastest-selling digital title in their history, less than three weeks after its launch, in both North America and Europe. The producer, Yoshuaki Hirabayashi said the following: It’s been great to see so many positive comments from fans that have enjoyed this new release. The team here […]

Preview | Hands-on with Barry and Raid Mode in Resident Evil: Revelations 2

by David Pooleon January 27, 2015
It’s been a good few months since the last time I played Resident Evil: Revelations 2, having done a good run through part of the first episode of the campaign with Claire Redfield and newcomer Moira Burton.  As new information surfaced and we creep closer to the release date, Capcom gave me the opportunity to […]
Resident Evil Revelations 2

Resident Evil Fright Club Los Angeles Recap

by Jeffrey Harrison January 21, 2015
Last week, Capcom took its Resident Evil Fright Club to Los Angeles, in the heart of Hollywood, at the Dirty Laundry nightclub and bar. The location seems rather appropriate for the subject matter of the video games. The dilapidated looking Dirty Laundry resembles some rooms and locations that would fit right at home in the […]

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Resident Evil HD now available for download

by Charlie Grammeron January 21, 2015
Survival Horror fans rejoice, for it is now time for you to return to the classic mansion that started a group of STARS members down the path to fighting Umbrella and other bioweapons creators. That’s right, we’re speaking of the definitive version of the critically acclaimed Resident Evil. This is now available for digital download […]

Mega Man & Bass (Rockman & Forte) – WonderSwan Games for English Speakers

by hard4gameson January 3, 2015
Hello!  In this series we’re gonna be looking at gems for the WonderSwan that fulfill 3 requirements: Can you play/understand it as an English speaker? Is it fun? Is it worth the price? Like this: Like Loading...

Marvel vs. Capcom Origins to be pulled from PSN and XBLA

by David Pooleon December 19, 2014
Starting next week, Marvel vs. Capcom Origins, the digital re-release of popular fighting games Marvel vs. Capcom and Marvel Super Heroes, will be removed from digital services in both the North American and European regions.  PlayStation 3 users have until December 23rd, 2014 to download the title, while Xbox 360 owners will have until December […]