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Xbox Live Deals With Gold – June 16th – June 22th

by Mihai Cosmin Naeon June 15, 2015
This week on Xbox Live we get a temporary price cut for the latest Battlefield and Forza titles. Even if most of these games have been already on sale in the last months, Microsoft is offering you a new chance to grab it. The deals expire on June 22th! Deals With Gold Xbox One June 16th […]

Battlefield: Hardline New Multiplayer Hotwire Mode Gameplay Trailer

by Jeffrey Harrison September 18, 2014
Electronic Arts has released a new multiplayer trailer for Battlefield: Hardline showcasing some of the various vehicular warfare players can unleash in the game.  The new video can be viewed in the player below. The Hotwire mode for multiplayer has the goal of getting to marked cars and drive the hell out of Dodge. Battlefield: […]

Game Franchises That We’re Tired Of

by Robert Craciunon August 23, 2014
We all have a certain game franchise that we love to death. We all have shared the experience of goosebumps and hyperventilating when we see a teaser for a sequel in our beloved franchise. And we all have gone tired of it at some point. Well ok, maybe we could never get tired of that […]

DICE opens up about the Battlefield: Hardline single-player

by Ramon Arandaon July 18, 2014
Taking to the Battlefield community blog, DICE has today decided to talk about the single-player mode in Battlefield: Hardline. According to the developer, the idea of having cops and criminals gives them “the opportunity to do something completely different than what’s bee done on the past.” They are aiming to make the world of Hardline […]

DICE discusses tweaks planned for Battlefield: Hardline

by Ramon Arandaon July 2, 2014
DICE has updated the official Battlefield blog to discuss the beta for Battlefield: Hardline, which ended its beta phase late last month According to Thad Sasser, Lead Multiplayer Designer for the game, the team received a ton of feedback about what sorts of things players want to see changed or tweaked in the game. Sasser […]

Battlefield 4 Dragon’s Teeth details revealed

by Ramon Arandaon June 20, 2014
EA has provided some new information regarding the upcoming expansion pack for Battlefield 4, dubbed “Dragon’s Teeth.” The new DLC will feature four multiplayer maps across Asian cities and focuses on urban combat.  The four maps are Sunken Dragon, Propaganda, Peal Market and Lumphini Garden. Dragon’s teeth also features five new weapons such as the […]

PS4 vs Xbox One: 2014 resolution/framerate calendar

by Tyler Colpon June 20, 2014
There’s a lot of games to keep track of this year for both Xbox One and PlayStation 4. And there’s even more resolutions and framerates. We’re here to help you remember all those numbers. We sifted through all of the biggest games coming out for both systems. Below is GotGame’s next-generation console resolution and framerate calendar. If […]

3 reasons why Battlefield: Hardline might fail

by Tyler Colpon June 19, 2014
Battlefield: Hardline has a lot to prove after the disaster of last year’s Battlefield 4. It may have a new developer at the helm, Visceral Games, but it’s still running on the same exact engine Battlefield 4 does. Actually, right now, it’s a little behind. The beta that is available to all PC and registered […]

Battlefield: Hardline beta coming to Xbox One

by Ramon Arandaon June 16, 2014
Though only available on PC and the PS4, an Xbox One beta is coming soon, but it will be a different version.

E3 2014: Battlefield Hardline Beta Available Today

by Sean Garmeron June 9, 2014
Today, EA announced at the end of their own press conference that the Battlefield Hardline beta will be available today. PS4 and PC players who already have Battlefield 4 will be able to sign up for the beta on their systems or by visiting the Battlefield website. EA has even provided an incentive for PS3 […]

Next Battlefield game might be Battlefield Hardline

by Tatiana Dinuon May 27, 2014
The next Battlefield game that is in development at Viceral Games might have been revealed once with a Battlelog update. The title of the game might is supposed to be Battlefield Hardline. The logo that you can see in the picture above has been posted on EA’s server along with Battlefiel Heros icons for PC, […]