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GGR 1215 – Need for Speed & Battlefield Hardline

by Steve Masterson January 6, 2016
Happy New Year video gamers! It’s Steve Masters with GotGame! We’re counting down my top 20 video games from 2015… at number 16… Need For Speed. Set in the fictional Ventura Bay… build up your skills racing drivers that call you on the phone. Get money, skill points when you win! Need For Speed… is […]

Battlefield Hardline is Getting a new Free DLC

by Tatiana Dinuon October 21, 2015
Recently EA announced that Battlefield Hardline will receive a new free DLC. It will come with two new maps and two new weapons. If you own the base game, then the DLC will be available for free. There is no release date announced, but according to EA, it will come out soon. Below is posted […]

Early Access to Criminal Activity DLC for Battlefield Hardline Premium Members

by Tatiana Dinuon May 20, 2015
Developer Visceral announced that Battlefield Hardline Premium Members will get early access to the upcoming Criminal Activity DLC as of June. The DLC doesn’t have an official release date nor does the early access, except of the month. It will include new weapons, four extra maps and gadgets. Below is a list with all the things […]

GGR 1003 – Battlefield Hardline & Project Cars

by Steve Masterson May 4, 2015
Listen up video gamers… it’s Steve Masters with GotGame! The top selling console game right now… it’s Battlefield Hardline. Tons of action in multiplayer. And if you want a great single player story… your’re Nick Mendoza… fighting a ruthless drug cartel. It’s a TV cop show you play through! Battlefield Hardline… lives up to the […]

Battlefield Hardline Gets its First Patch Next Week

by Tatiana Dinuon April 23, 2015
A recent tweet posted on Battlefield’s official Twitter account tells us that Battlefield Hardline will get its first patch next week, on April 28. The patch will be available for both PC and consoles and also, a RSP will come for consoles in the same day. TDM spawns, Punkbuster, Nvidia DirectX drivers, and other issues will […]

GGR 992 – Battlefield Hardline & Forza Horizon 2 Presents Fast & Furious

by Steve Masterson April 21, 2015
Listen up video gamers… it’s Steve Masters with GotGame! Battlefield Hardline… is one of the top games right now… in story mode, your detective Nick Mendoza  uncover a drug ring from the streets… to the source! Multiplayers have logged 2 billion minutes… that’s 3 thousand 8 hundred years of gameplay! Battlefield Hardline, it’s good! The top […]

GGR 971 – Battlefield Hardline & 3D Outrun

by Steve Masterson March 27, 2015
Listen up video gamers… it’s Steve Masters with GotGame! You’ve ever wanted to know what it’s like to be in a cop TV show… play the story mode in Battlefield Hardline. Your partner gives you a hard time… show your badge and arrest the thugs… cool… and when you exit the game, it gives you […]

GGR 967 – Battlefield Hardline & Mortal Kombat X

by Steve Masterson March 23, 2015
Listen up video gamers… it’s Steve Masters with GotGame! The new Battlefield game is out and the story is just like a TV cop show. You start off as a busted corrupt cop, then it flashes back to three years earlier. Take down some drug dealers  and there’s a car chase! All this happens in […]

GGR 962 – Battlefield Hardline & Resident Evil Revelations 2

by Steve Masterson March 17, 2015
Listen up video gamers… it’s Steve Masters with GotGame! Oh sweet… there’s some great new games out today… first… the new Battlefield! Battlefield Hardline… it’s cops versus criminals. In story mode, you’re detective Nick Mendoza. Uncover a drug ring from the streets… to the source! In Multiplayer you can be a cop, or a criminal! […]

Battlefield Hardline Available for Pre-load on PC

by Tatiana Dinuon March 16, 2015
A few days ago EA announced that in case that you pre-ordered Battlefield Hardline you can start pre-loading it and wait for the release. There is only a day left until it will be out, so you can now download it via Origin and get ready. After the download is done, it will automatically start to install. […]

GGTV – Battlefield Hardline Gameplay and Interview with Steve Papoutsis

by Steve Masterson March 11, 2015
Steve Papoutsis gives us a chance to play Battlefield Hardline and tells us his favorite parts of the game. Check it out!