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War Wings debuts as featured app

by Charlie Grammeron August 7, 2017
Miniclip and Tencent were excited to announce that the recently released War Wings title has managed to achieve quite a highly successful launch. It has managed to debut as a featured app, and even earn a Top 3 placement on both the App Store and Google Play download charts during the very first week of […]

MAG Interactive unleashes revamped iOS version of Ruzzle Adventure

by Charlie Grammeron June 15, 2017
MAG Interactive was excited recently to launch a completely revamped iOS version of their word title, Ruzzle Adventure, which adds in new level design, rules, and more features. This single-player game offers up the same finger-swiping mechanic as the original Ruzzle, but proceeds to apply it on level-based word puzzles. Johan Persson, VP of Product […]

Apple embraces VR with HTC Vive

by Charlie Grammeron June 5, 2017
During the Worldwide Developers Conference 2017, Apple was excited to announce that they are embracing Virtual Reality, showcasing their commitment with the HTC Vive. Through the newly announced external GPU, developers and content creators can utilize a beta of SteamVR and High Sierra, the new Mac Operating System, in order to access the creative power […]

The Lion’s Song’s full release to arrive in July

by Charlie Grammeron May 13, 2017
Mipumi Games has recently announced that The Lion’s Song will arrive in full this July as the final episode, Closure, arrives. The first episode was released back in July 2016, and has captured the hearts of players around the world. The final episode will arrive on Steam, and the full release will make its debut […]

Heroes Arena heads to iOS

by Charlie Grammeron April 3, 2017
uCool was excited to recently announce that its hit free-to-play mobile battle game, Heroes Arena, is heading to iOS on April 14, 2017. In addition, the Android version, which is currently available via Google Play, will receive a major update that coincides with the iOS release. Those who pre-register and download either the iOS application […]

Disruptor Beam shares details surrounding The Walking Dead: March to War’s Survivor System

by Charlie Grammeron March 3, 2017
Disruptor Beam was recently excited to flesh out more details for The Walking Dead: March to War’s Survivor System, which, as one of the game’s core mechanics, allows players to build, manage, and command like-minded allies to survive the threats from both the dead and the living. As you manage your camp, it is up to the […]

NEXON Korea rolls out special events for Medal Masters and Mabinogi Duel

by Charlie Grammeron February 14, 2017
NEXON Korea Corporation was excited to announce that they are rolling out some special events to celebrate the first anniversary of the real-time, party-based role-playing game, Medal Masters, as well as unveiling a new content update for their strategic mobile trading card game, Mabinogi Duel. First up is Mabinogi Duel, which is based on the acclaimed massively multiplayer online game Mabinogi. […]

Mysterium arrives on iOS, Android, and PC

by Charlie Grammeron January 12, 2017
Asmodee Digital and Playsoft were excited to announce that Mysterium has arrived on iOS, Android, and PC. The title, created by Oleksandr Nevskiy and Oleg Sidorenko and published by Libellud, has become a board game staple in many households, and now the mystery of the Warwick Mansion ghost has come to life on mobile and PC devices. […]

The Little Acre has arrived

by Charlie Grammeron December 16, 2016
Pewter Games, executive producer Charles Cecil, and Curve Digital were thrilled to announce that The Little Acre has arrived on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Windows PC, Mac, and Linux. They have also shared an interview between creators Christopher Conlan and Ben Clavin, which you can view below: The title is available via several digital stores, including Steam, […]

Dawn of Titans has arrived on iOS and Android

by Charlie Grammeron December 12, 2016
Zynga was recently excited to launch a new mobile Action Strategy game called Dawn of Titans on iOS and Android devices. In this title, developed by Zynga’s UK-based studio, NaturalMotion, you will be immersed in a high-fantasy world in which you build your own kingdoms, wage war with the larger-than-life Titans, and compete with your friends […]

Galaxy of Trian now available on Steam

by Charlie Grammeron October 20, 2016
Grey Wizard Innovative was excited to announce the launch of Galaxy of Trian on Android and Steam recently. This title expands on the popular boardgame of the same name, as well as the previously released iOS version. It features fast-paced turn-based strategy across a variety of play modes, and is available on Steam for $9.99/€9.99/£6.99, while […]