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After Angry Birds Suffer 73% Profit Drop, Banks on 3D Animated Movie!

by Chris Boreson May 19, 2016
Rovio posted that they company has suffered a 73 percent profit drop showing the latest sign its mainstay Angry Birds brand is losing appeal. Now they are pinning their hopes to a costly 3D movie project to help return the appeal back to normal.This could be an interesting move. Rovio said total sales fell 9 […]

GGTV – GDC 2016: Angry Birds Movie Info with Wilhelm Taht

by Steve Masterson April 1, 2016
Wilhelm Taht from Rovio tells us all about how the Angry Birds Movie will give us a lot more think about the next time we fling birds at pigs. Check it out!

Angry Birds 2 Release Date Announced

by Tatiana Dinuon July 17, 2015
Rovio has finally announced that Angry Birds is getting a sequel this month. Besides the release date, there weren’t specified any other news, but for the fact that more details will be revealed in the next few weeks. The game is called, Angry Birds 2, and it will come out this month, on July 30 […]

VH1’s I Love “Retro” Gaming

by Maggie Wilandon September 14, 2014
Yesterday, a friend of mine on Facebook made this post: “And while Candy Crush Saga is pretty much retro gaming at this point, what about Angry Birds? I think that already went through a cycle of cool, unpopular, retro cool and obsolete. What is something when it’s too old to be retro? I predict we’ll […]

Rovio teases a new game

by Charlie Grammeron March 7, 2014
Rovio has today posted a video teasing a new game today, the opening of which prompted a bit of speculation (well, for those who didn’t notice the icon in the upper right, anyway). “Could it be a game like Dark Souls?” some wondered, as the camera moved around the armor shown in the video. As […]

Angry Birds Star Wars (Wii U) Review

by Joe Rocheon November 21, 2013
Way back in the Dark Ages of late 2009 a Finnish developer named Rovio Entertainment released a game on Apple’s IOS that would figuratively take over the world. Now, a short four years later the entire socio-economic paradigm of our society has shifted to an almost completely slingshot flung bird based hierarchy. Ok, so that’s […]

Angry Birds Trilogy coming to PlayStation Vita tomorrow

by Dragos Dobreon October 15, 2013
Rovio Entertainment has announced that the Angry Birds Trilogy will be making its way to PlayStation Vita through the PlayStation Store tomorrow. The trilogy will run you around $55 and will include Angry Birds, Angry Birds Seasons and Angry Birds Rio. The games will feature over 700 great levels and new features like the new […]

Angry Birds – The 80’s Home Computer Game Version?

by Chris Boreson September 5, 2013
Angry birds is a huge deal, and Youtuber SquirrelMonkeyCom made this great parody of what a 1980's version of angry birds on a home computer would look like. Hit the jump to check this bad boy out!

Angry Birds: Star Wars 2 announced, launching September 19

by Dragos Dobreon July 15, 2013
Rovio, the great mind behind Angry Brids video game series, has just announced that the latest iteration of the series Angry Birds: Star Wars 2 will be launching on mobile devices all around the world on September 19. Angry Birds will now feature “Telepods”, a function that will enable players to transport their physical toys […]

Angry Birds Now Completely Free on iOS +15 New Levels!

by ubernauton March 7, 2013
The original Angry Birds game for iOS has today been updated with 15 new levels, and is now available for FREE for the first time ever on iPhone and iPad. First introduced to the iPhone back in 2009, and it’s always been priced at $0.99. If you are one of the few who haven’t already downloaded it (like yours truly), hard to […]

Angry Birds Crack a Smile Over 30 Million Downloads During Christmas Week

by Brett Dayon January 4, 2013
During the week of Christmas (Dec 22nd – Dec 29th) Angry Birds was downloaded over 30 million times. This means that there was one Angry Birds download for every other new device. According to Rovio, Angry Birds was downloaded over 8 million times on Christmas day alone. It seems as if the Angry Birds franchise is […]