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    Before the release of the Wonderful 101, Hideki Kamiya hosted a special Nintendo Direct to further market the game to Nintendo fans and those who enjoy Platinum Games’ products! You bet that the 4DS guys have their share of thoughts on this beautiful title, and they also discuss the recent news about John Carmack; the creator of the Doom franchise, joining the development team behind Oculus Rift in hopes to bring in new immersion for his famous IPs. Along with the big release of Pikmin 3, Tales of Xillia, and Dragon’s Crown, this episode becomes jam-packed with great talk for gamers alike! This episode is one you don’t want to miss!

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    In light of Fez II getting canned by its creator, Masahiro Sakurai has come out with a shocking news bit about the next Super Smash Bros. game for the Wii U and 3DS. With no big release this week, we delve into Sly Cooper for Retro Gems and tear up Sonic Labyrinth for the Execution! Even though Jeff is not here in the episode, you can count on us to make sure we still deliver a great show! Enjoy Episode 72 of our show, GotGamers!

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    Joining us back from the Ikaricast on Reviewtopia is none other than Jerry (FighterXaos) from the Game Riffers! He joins us as we discuss some of the games that were announced at San Diego Comic-Con 2013, and all we can say that the new game announcements were pretty lackluster as there wasn’t a whole lot that was announced. After that, we discuss the possible rumor of Atlus ending up being purchased by Nintendo in the light of Index Corporation’s recent bankruptcy, discuss EarthBound in Retro Gems, as well as that game and Shin Megami Tensei IV being the big releases of the past week, and ripping up X-Men: Destiny in the Execution. Enjoy this episode as we delve into a great 90-minute episode with all of that and more on the 4DS Podcast!

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    This time on the 4DS Podcast, with Omegamario17 being AWOL for this week, RRPG and his co-hosts talk about the petition where people actually want Microsoft to restore the DRM policies it once had on the system before they removed them due to the E3 backlash they received. Could it be from fans, or are they from people who want to see Microsoft go under as a hardware manufacturer? Other things discussed are the new Ratchet & Clank game for the PlayStation 3, Viewtiful Joe in Retro Gems, Dragon Ball Z Kinect hitting the chopping block for the Execution, and talk about what we have been playing. All of that and more in Episode 70 of the 4DS Podcast!

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    For the third time on the 4DS Podcast, we bring in a special guest for the show! This time, we welcome the creator of Playeressence.com; Furious Francis! As an avid Nintendo fan he is, we talk about many things Nintendo related such as Iwata’s recent investor’s Q&A, Star Fox 64 in retrospect, Project X Zone being released with great praise for a core 3DS title, and placing EA in our pit for The Execution (not literally). Anyway, enjoy this lovely and fun time here as Furious Francis; with a little appearance of 16bitJeff at the end, as Playeressence invades our show!

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    Instead of talking about the big games coming from all the major third-party publishers, we decide to take some time to discuss each of our most and least favorite games that came out of the fiesta of the third-party domain! Was there a favorite that came from Capcom, Square-Enix, Activision, Namco Bandai, or even Ubisoft? Tune in for Episode 68 to find out! Oh yeah. Welcome to Girlwood.

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    Nintendo has taken a different approach with how they presented their material at E3 which could be for better or for worst. However, the guys at the 4DS Podcast, excluding Jeff this time around, give you their insight on how well the Big N performed at the LA Convention Center. Let me tell you one thing; they came flying with content that we can expect between August and this Christmas leading up to big releases in 2014!

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    Microsoft may have had an atrocious showing with their E3 Media Briefing, but can Sony gain momentum since the PlayStation 4 appeared in full force? From new games like The Order: 1886 to Square-Enix’s new Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts III, Sony managed to unleash a bright future to where Nintendo can go neck-and-neck with the corporate giant for this new generation. Listen to our thoughts to find out!

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    Prior to Microsoft changing their strict policies for their next-generation console, we at the 4DS Podcast would like to share our own thoughts on how Microsoft performed for this year’s E3. Did they manage to redeem themselves after their May Press Event, or has things only gotten worse? Tune in to find out!

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    With E3 being only one week away from happening, RRPG and his crew on the 4DS Podcast take the time to do one more prediction show! This time around, we are uncovering some of the games that are already making an appearance and ones we hope to hear more from third-party companies! From Watch Dogs to Call of Duty: Ghosts and from Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain to Tales of Xillia, do the third-party divisions hold great promise as much as the first parties from our knowledge? Stay tuned to find out!

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    Since the creation of the Crash Bandicoot franchise on the PlayStation One all the way up to the completion of the Uncharted Trilogy on the PlayStation 3, Naughty Dog Software has an impressive track […]

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    Today on the 4DS Podcast, we end up predicting Sony’s E3 plans in how they are going to make the PS4 successful for the consumers this holiday with their Keynote Presentation at the event. Not to mention, we also have another special guest that joins us for the 4DS Podcast this time around, and his name is Fighter Xaos from the Ikaricast show off of Reviewtopia because of him being a huge fan of Sony’s products! Be sure to stay tuned for over the next 100 minutes as we recap the games being present for the PS4 and what new that we hope that the corporate giant will unleash to the public. Enjoy, and we’ll catch you next week for some of those 3rd-Party games we recap and predict!

    Ikaricast Website: http://www.reviewtopia.net/content/ikaricast

    The Broken Infinite: http://thebrokeninfinite.blogspot.com/

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    Microsoft has revealed their new console called the Xbox One, and…oh boy. Where do we begin?! In a change of pace, our resident, British gamer named Omegamario17 attempts to hijack the show to deliver to you his full and honest opinions about some of the stuff that Microsoft unleashed at the May 21st press event, and then the rest of us chime in our two-cents about that and our predictions for Microsoft at this year’s E3. Stay tuned, guys. You thought our problems with EA were bad? You haven’t heard anything, yet! This is Episode 62 of the 4DS Podcast, and we’ll see you next week for our predictions on Sony!

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    With E3 being less than a month away, the 4DS crew takes the liberty of starting a four-part series of episodes that will cover their predictions for E3 2013 that takes place from June 11-13. Everything from Nintendo, Microsoft, Sony, and the third-party divisions. In Episode 61, we will be discussing what all that Nintendo has in the pipeline for their E3 since it seems that they’ll be having Nintendo Directs before and after the event that will make many seem that they are getting a head start. Stay tuned for the next 2 hours as our predictions are very hot on this installment of the 4DS Podcast!

    By the way, if anyone is confused as to why can’t Metroids crawl, then take a look at these links to where are shenanigans are coming from!

    1) https://miiverse.nintendo.net/posts/AYMHAAABAADbUV57ramZfw

    2) http://www.neogaf.com/forum/showthread.php?t=558712

    3) http://i.imgur.com/nuKSFjz.png

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    Nothing but enraging rants that come from the 4DS crew such as EA’s track record and history since the recent announcement of them obtaining the Star Wars license of video games as well as DICE being completely one-sided in trying to doom the Wii U in regards to the Frostbite 3 Engine. Also, we delve into Super Mario World in Retro Gems as well as execute Lunar: Dragon Song on the DS because of there not being a big release this week. All of this and more on the 4DS Podcast! Oh, and 16bitjeff has returned after a 3-4 week hiatus! Welcome back, my friend!

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    With this being the last week of Jeff being AWOL from the show, we at the 4DS Podcast have a big show on our plate! This past week saw the announcement of the Class Action Lawsuit happening on Sega and Gearbox Software because of falsely advertising the atrocious Aliens: Colonial Marines. Chrono Trigger is the game on the Retro Gems, Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon released as a decent downloadable title, and Carlioo executes a game which he has not done in a while! Plus, it’s a smartphone/iOS game, too. Jeff will be back next week, but enjoy Episode 59 in the process, guys! 😀

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    In light of Satoru Iwata being declared as Nintendo of America’s newest Chief Executive Officer, something else that came from them comes out as a big shocker or a surprise for us gamers and Nintendo fans. That big news is that the Big N won’t host a big-scale conference like they usually do, but could it actually be for the better? Along with describing Drakengard for Retro Gems, Injustice: Gods Among Us as the Big Release, and destroying the Double Dragon II remake on the XBLA for The Execution, this episode of the 4DS Podcast is one you do not want to miss!

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    From more information on Mario & Luigi: Dream Team to EarthBound finally making to the Wii U Virtual Console for both North America & Europe as well as a sequel to A Link to the Past for the 3DS being developed, Nintendo has hit strong points with their latest Nintendo Direct feed, this past week! Join RRPG, TheBadGamer, Carlioo41, and Omegamario17 as they share their thoughts on this extraordinary experience where Nintendo is also declaring this year for the 3DS to shine in the West! Unfortunately, Jeff is AWOL for the next 2-3 weeks, but enjoy otherwise!

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    I can understand your complaints about the Wii U and Nintendo for a company as a whole, but things take time before we can expect results. The Wii U is just a start after the announcement of some really promising […]

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    The guys from the 4DS Podcast are back, and we have another double-news segment to cover for most of the others aside from the Video Game Playground! Today, we talk about the recent announcement of the new Batman: Arkham Origins and Blackgate coming to the consoles and handhelds in October, and we discuss the possible Mega Man X reboot that might have been with our opinions on how negative reactions from the fanbase of certain games need to stop and why companies like Capcom & Square-Enix need to give us games from past franchises a return as well as ones that need to be released, right now. All of that and more in this week’s episode of the 4DS Podcast!

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