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    As one who thought Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception ended two or three chapters too early (not to mention with too many loose ends), I’m glad to get back into another Nathan Drake adventure a mere four months […]

  • Thumbnail When Bulletstorm was first unveiled last year, it was pitched to the media as a “first-person shooter Burnout“. It was only an outlandish proposition for all of five minutes since all it took was one demo presentation to understand what developers Epic Games and People Can Fly meant. The game is essentially one big and glorious Score Attack […]

  • ThumbnailKillzone 2 was notable for earning Guerrilla Games its share of industry awards for Most Improved Series. Considering the utter muddiness of the original Killzone, Guerrilla didn’t really need to try too hard. Yet they did excel in KZ2 and to many, they greatly exceeded expectations. Now their fourth chapter in the Helghan conflict is ready […]

  • ThumbnailAfter the first Dead Space , a series of digital comics, an animated film and a Wii prequel, it seemed like the madness spawned by The Marker had been told enough times that a continuation of Isaac Clarke’s story feels long overdue. Yet as the mainstay of Dead Space , it does make sense that developer Visceral Games would save […]

  • ThumbnailBefore we dig into the first weeks’ gaming offerings of 2011 (although we’ve kinda started at the GotGame office), here are 17 notable games from 2010, some of which were downright great, some just worth mentioning for making a unique contribution this year. You’ll disagree on some of these choices I’m sure, but that’s why we […]

  • Thumbnail There was a very slim chance that I could possibly play enough of Gran Turismo 5 this week in order produce a proper and thorough review, so I took an inspired cue from GamesRadar’s Gran Turismo 5 reviewer . While I don’t have a fully informed take on when such a title can be deemed reviewable, I’m thinking that […]

  • When EA unveiled Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit at this year’s E3, one of its main selling points was the first-time involvement of Criterion Games, the studio best known for developing the Burnout series. To many […]

  • Thumbnail The original Medal of Honor from 1999 did its share in legitimizing game consoles as a viable platform for first person shooters (even though Goldeneye 007 did most of the work two years earlier). MoH also pioneered the production methodology of utilizing experienced servicemen and weapon specialists as consultants. By PSOne standards, those extra steps made all the […]

  • ThumbnailOut of all the developers associated with Microsoft Game Studios, no company has been more closely related to the brand than Bungie. They were there right at the start when Halo: Combat Evolved became part of a very short list of launch titles that were actually great, not quite like Super Mario 64 , but certainly on the same level […]

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