• Thumbnail Who needs Diablo 3 when Torchlight 2 is coming out? That’s what Runic Games is likely banking on, especially after announcing a final price and class list today. So how much will it be to co-op the curbstomping of demons? A scant $20, the same as OG Torchlight a couple years back, which means instead of buying lattes […]

  • Thumbnail Seattle is currently under the influence of Halofest, gearing up for PAX, and probably experiencing one of 20 sunny days this year. Besides celebrating the video game industry in general, those who care about Halo 4 received additional reasons to be happy, as news came that the new Warthog was to be debuted. The Warthog unveiling […]

  • Thumbnail Modding has become an art for those in the Warcraft and Starcraft mentality of Blizzard games. From classic whole game mods like DoTa to custom maps with resource trickery, the ability to modify a game and publish your own content invariably extends the life of a product. But then there’s Diablo, the weird one of the bunch that has […]

  • Thumbnail Handheld focused developers now have a reason to start celebrating: the PS Vita has now been hailed as the easiest PS platform to develop for. Studio Liverpool director Stuart Tilley started the praise, claiming the Vita helped make Wipeout 2048 an easy process. In an interview with magazine Edge, Tilley claimed the forthcoming handheld has surpassed […]

  • Thumbnail Samsung took to the courts recently, setting their sights on Apple. Operating under the claim that patents for the iPad should have been denied based on existing designs. What tablets looked like the iPad? The ones from 2001: A Space Odyssey, of course. Samsung’s lawyer filed the case with a federal court in San Jose, […]

  • Thumbnail Deus Ex: Human Revolution no longer has the free OnLive code for cloud gaming. At least, copies sold at GameStop no longer do thanks to legal action. So even if you pre-ordered the game, your free OnLive copy was taken with callous force.

    “Square Enix packed the competitor’s coupon with our DXHR product without our prior knowledge […]

  • Thumbnail It’s almost expected for kickass fan videos to be made for popular games today. From There Will Be Brawl a few years back to Minecraft dramatizations, those who love games and are severely devoted often end up turning out great products with Mark Borchardt like recklessness. Today’s submission is a stand-alone short based on Portal 2 that […]

  • Thumbnail Sony’s director of global operations finally spoke on the future of the PlayStation. It’s about time, considering that rumors of a PS4 have been null save for far reaching speculation as to when the company will decide to start working on a new console. While Shuhei Yoshida, the above-mentioned director, did speak at some length, […]

  • Thumbnail Quickly following the news that a goodly amount of games have been price reduced, Amazon has announced a run of video game deals that begin at midnight. Customers c an view their Gold Box to find tons of exciting new deals, with new deals coming at two hour to four hour intervals all day. Currently […]

  • So you’re calling Fallout 3 sub-par?

  • Thumbnail In the heart of Detroit patrols the world’s biggest and baddest cyborg police officer: Robocop. And now Robocop can be yours, should you purchase him from the Xbox Avatar Marketplace. For once, the Robocop avatar and accessories appear not to signal a game or movie. No, the goods arrived thanks to a fan made trailer […]

  • Thumbnail Saints Row may have had a silent cancellation, according to information that was revealed today. Back in June, a game for the Xbox Live Arcade was canceled and the 3DS installment was put to rest. Then the Australian Classification Board leaked their rating (MA !5+) for a game titled Saints Row: Money Shot . Now it gets interesting. Money Shot […]

  • Thumbnail New Zealand based company Gameloft is putting an end to decision making. An announcement went out today that their entire library of iOS titles will be revamped and that all future titles will lack individualized platform requirements. Yes, that’s right, completely universal games for iPhone, iTouch, or iPad. Contractually the company will run into issues […]

  • Thumbnail UbiSoft has been hard at work on a tablet platform, but they don’t want us to know that. Despite the severely tin-foil hat implications of that sentence, a video from the company’s internal workings leaked onto Vimeo showcasing the Project In Touch before quickly being silenced. Too bad screenshots got taken. Compounding the issue at […]

  • Thumbnail Dota 2 is still in the works, but the game seems to have sparked a renaissance period for Valve’s designers. Speaking on the game, Gabe Newell, current head of Valve, confirms the team’s joie de vivre, and revealed details on the game itself. While the devs worked, the feedback implies, according to Newell, that they were […]

  • Thumbnail Those wishing to browse servers in the main screen of Battlefield 3 may be in for an unpleasant surprise – there isn’t a browser. At least, there is a large likelihood that there isn’t one. For now, gameplay designer and DICE employee Alan Kertz suggests doing things the old way. According to Kertz, the best way […]

  • Thumbnail When the UK based newspaper the Metro sat down with Chris Lewis, the man in charge of the console’s well being in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East, they let the man do his thing. That thing is a masterful combination of actual information, subtle up selling of the brand he promotes, and actual news, […]

  • Thumbnail GameStop may be the next stars of the stream if their plans are any indication. Having gobbled up Spawn Labs recently, the company is planning a full service and is already honing their plan. Currently, a general Xbox 360, PC, and PS3 stream is up, forming the basic workings of a beta, all courtesy of […]

  • Thumbnail Say goodbye to Nightmare and Hell modes, and consider the Mephisto run a historical artifact. In place of the endless grind of beating the shit out of a Prime Evil, Blizzard has introduced a new mode: Inferno. One step above Hell, Inferno mode will reinvent the difficulty curve of Diablo. Not content to just minus your […]

  • Thumbnail Bethesda took to Twitter this morning to make a brief announcement about Skyrim. In fewer than 140 characters, the company announced that the game will utilize Steamworks. The exact quote is:

    “We can confirm today that we’re using Steamworks for Skyrim.”

    So that sort of says it all. Based on the features allowed by Steamworks, it can be […]

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