• Thumbnail Despite having no announced release date, work on Diablo III continues at a furious pace. Today at a GamesCom meeting held for the press, Josh Mosqueira, lead designer for D3, confirmed that Blizzard is working to bring the game to consoles. While the news first dropped via job listings last year for console workers on a “Diablo-related […]

  • Thumbnail Those planning on going to gamescom will get a nice treat. Well, a nice treat if the Silent Hill series is your thing, as Konami is set to unveil no fewer than three new additions to the saga. The main draw is a hands-on demo of Silent Hill Downpour , but more is in store. Along with Downpour, an […]

  • Thumbnail Dancing games seem to be the new rhythmic hitting of a plastic guitar game. Terpsichorean über-minds Ubisoft already have big names in their roster, what with the Black Eyed Peas and MJ rubbing elbows (and Kinects). Now a new sort of musician has entered the picture: Swedes. Some time before Christmas in Europe, Ubisoft is […]

  • Sabre = “SAY-burr”
    As in The Sabre Dance from Gayenne.
    Sabreman began with the ZX classic, Sabre Wulf.

  • Thumbnail Longtime game makers Square Enix appear to be making some changes. A small gang of netizens and Redditers did a bit of delving and found copyrights submitted for the name Square, thus indicating a move to drop the Enix part of their name. It’s been nigh on eight years since Square Co. and Enix merged […]

  • Thumbnail While Bioshock Infinite may still may be some time away, the devotion of cosplayers knows no time frame. Earlier, cosplayer Ormeli’s take on Infinite character Elizabeth was dubbed “Likely the best” , but now a challenger appears. Cosplayer Aktrez also has some images of her in full Elizabeth garb, calling into question the title of “best.” Both takes on […]

  • Thumbnail A new trailer for Arkham City has been released today, touting the appearance of villain Mr. Freeze. First off, this is not the Freeze from Batman & Robin , so there are no cold puns to be found. Second, holy shit look at how awesome it all is. Below you’ll find said trailer, complete with dramatic tension and […]

  • Thumbnail Over the weekend, the folks at Bethesda may have been hacked yet again. In a simple forum post, the company said,

    “We have identified a potential breach of our forum user database that occurred Friday morning, Aug 12.”

    In a preemptive move, all users have had their passwords reset. Additionally, the company urges anyone who uses […]

  • Thumbnail Thursday night saw the opening of the latest installment of the iam8bit art. Like the Atari making way for the NES, iam8bit shed its smaller venue and added a superlative: now the 4500 square foot building houses SUPER iam8bit. Superlative aside, the show (which will run until September 10) features scores of art by over […]

  • I know! His character is named Fin Tutuola – Ice-Tutuola.

  • I love that this video has been making the rounds. This could join the ranks of Angry German Kid!

  • Thumbnail Mortal Kombat has officially paid its debts. After mild hesitation due to the latest installment falling under the banner of new publishers Warner Bros., the game has gone on to be quite the success. How well did it sell? The most recent figures indicate a figure rapidly closing in on the 3 million mark. To put […]

  • Thumbnail Google Plus has finally implemented a game service, a month after it was discovered that the networking offshoot was working on support. In a move typical of G Plus to date, the service expands and improves on the Facebook archetype despite its nascent status. Taking some 16 casual games from Angry Birds to Bejeweled, Google […]

  • Thumbnail In the face of a still struggling economy and a game industry facing demands for new platforms, Steve Jobs couldn’t be happier. Not only has Apple been doing swimmingly since the introduction of the iPad – a device now recognized as a legitimate gaming system – but they are now the most valuable player. Period. […]

  • Cf. Ice-T “Cop Killer” debacle.

  • Thumbnail While the Mortal Kombat Legacy web series may be free to stream on YouTube, there’s always a way to make more money. Warner Bros. sees a fresh chance and will be releasing the web series as a Blu-ray set on November 8. More than just a repackaging of the webisodes, the set (which will retail for […]

  • Thumbnail Sony’s European is giving back to the youth roughed up during the London riots this week. Ashraf Haziq, a student originally from Malaysia, had his PSP taken by muggers while they “helped” him get to his feet. This all went down before the eyes of an intrepid videographer, who filmed the event from what seems […]

  • How much time did you spend looking at the source? None AT ALL since it’s information from just before the date of posting here.

  • We want justice – LET’S STEAL SHIT!

  • These are called incentives. Basically, you are signing up to be added into the bank for people who want the incentive. Like a grocery store rewards program, PLAY rewards those who buy enough (in this case, four titles) with an earned reward (in this case, a fifth title). It’s not difficult.

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