Luis Lopez

  • As with most sports games from the past few years, there’s been a constant repetitiveness and complacency that’s befallen some of our favorite games. In that repetitiveness, NBA 2K, while typically playing it […]

  • Going into Madden NFL 20, I had high hopes for a game that I, along with many other people, have grown up with. However, when diving deep into Madden NFL 20, it became more and more evident that EA has grown […]

  • Fans of The Show series have grown to develop high expectations for the game year in and year out. The attention to detail has always been top notch, being referred to as arguably the most realistic sports game […]

  • In a world with top of line sports games such as NBA 2K19 and EA Sports’ FIFA 19, it’s interesting to see a game take more of a casual approach to things. In an effort to get more casual baseball fans a game w […]

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