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    killatia - "You know its time to invest in an ios device when you get a phone call asking you to review an ios game"View
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    ubernaut - "You should never have told me horses sleep standing up, it gave me a mental block."View
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    RRPG - "Let me know what you guys think of my current video with the Original vs. Remake of the two Castlevania games I compare."View
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    SWAG - "Now working at KIXEYE on the game, Battle Pirates. Also doing a new weekly show called “Car Opinionz” where I give my thoughts while commuting to work in the car."View
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    Virtual ROB - "I’m still alive folks. I just need time! Something which one can never have enough of:("View
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    Kwingreviews - "NBA Jam Review is posted here on GotGame –"View
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