• A.C.E posted an update 8 years, 8 months ago

    @steve-masters Hey Steve, I hate to burst some bubbles but i got a serious complaint! We’ve been waiting since thanksgiving & we still dont get even a hint on the winner’s id for the epic mickey contest. & even tho i’m not entered in the kwing contest y is it still going? did it get extended from it’s Jan 30th deadline? Even if i lost the mickey contest i rather k than be left in the dark & think this whole thing is a big scam.

    • Hey ACE i’m pretty sure we did give that prize away but the process for awarding prizes is a bit more complex then it used to be on our end so there are a few places the chain can break before the announcements are made. This is because we value your privacy by making sure that any system we use to store personal information (which is the way we used to run contests and plan to do so again in the near future) is totally secure.

      Regarding kwing’s contest i believe he posted an update on that this morning:

      Thanks for the feedback and keep it here!

    • oh and we’ll check into the disney epic mickey contest on Monday. Thanks again for your input and catching that oversight regarding the announcement. And just curious didn’t you win a contest? surely you must know it’s not a scam.

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