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  • The PvP battle royale experience has been done in so many ways at this point in time that it’s beginning to get difficult to tell them from one another. Drop from the sky, loot boxes, find weapons, kill each […]

  • Gunfire Games announced some good news for fans of Remnant: From the Ashes. A prequel titled Chronos: Before the Ashes will release on PC and current generation consoles on December 1st. Chronos is a revamped […]

  • These days, it’s hard not to feel like we’re all living in some personalized version of Groundhog Day or Edge of Tomorrow. With COVID-19 shutting down so many normal aspects of our life (rightfully so, with saf […]

  • After playing the open beta on PC, PS4, and Xbox One Killatia gives his first impressions of Square Enix’s Marvel’s Avengers.

    (Editor’s Note: The Deluxe Edition of Marvel’s Avengers is $79.99, not $99.99. It […]

  • There hasn’t been a good skateboarding game available for consoles in about ten years. We’ve watched Tony Hawk go peripheral, and a handful of one-off mobile games from a variety of developers. Until recently, […]

  • Over 11 years since the release of Demon’s Souls (with a remake on the horizon), the Souls genre has exploded in popularity and influence. Initially drawing a niche audience, due to the genre’s extreme dif […]

  • It seems like years ago that I played Rogue Legacy on the PS4 when it was a PS Plus offering. Which is fitting, because it was actually five years ago when that occurred! A lot has changed in the world in those […]

  • Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout by developer Mediatonic has burst onto the scene and quickly become the indie darling of the summer. However, advancing from one round to the next in this battle royale game has […]

    • In Hex-A-Gone, try to get in front of people on the same level as you. Eliminate their path before they can get to it. Also be aware of your surroundings and have planned exit strategies. You’ll likely fall a few floors no matter what, but playing smart can keep you alive longer.

    • Ooh, that’s a good one. Playing off of that, I’ve noticed that a lot of people do the “slow and steady” method by doing short bunny hops from one tile to an adjacent one. But the problem with that is what you said: where do you go once your path has been eliminated? I’ve found much more success running around eating up tiles, and in turn, having a better view of the whole platform.

    • The short hops is a great way to stall, but the problem is the physics can be unpredictable, and if you take too long on a landing, you’ll lose your tile, so yea, I agree. It’s better to run around, especially if you’re on a lower floor than others. Eliminate tiles for them to land on so they go straight to the next floor lol.

  • I’m new to VR, so every experience kind of just seems super amazing and surreal so far. It’s like a kid with a shiny new toy. In Death: Unchained has been my first experience in VR that I would consider ‘dark’. […]

  • After an impressive (albeit short) beta, the developers of Mortal Shell are pushing towards the finish line that is the game’s release. And players won’t have to wait long: the game will be launching on Aug […]

  • Killatia takes a look at Dungeon Defenders Awakened, a semi-remake/semi-follow up to the original Dungeon Defenders classic!

    Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/killatia2

    Twitch: […]

  • Some things are too good to be true. Yet in the case of Studio MDHR’s Cuphead, the game is too good, and it’s true! Originally released on Xbox One and PC in 2017 and later landing on the Switch in 2018, C […]

  • Summer Game Fest had a surprising announcement today: Cuphead is coming to the PS4 today! In an interview with Summer Game Fest’s host Geoff Keighley and Maja Moldenhauer from developer Studio MDHR, that i […]

  • After a pre-announcement a few days prior, Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes launched its campaign on Kickstarter today. And in less than three hours, the campaign met its minimum goal of $500,000.

    This […]

  • After teasing that something was coming, Japanese developer Rabbit & Bear Studios officially announced Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes today. A spiritual successor to the brilliant Suikoden series, Eiyuden will […]

  • Rocket Arena is a game that I certainly didn’t see coming. I honestly thought the days of good arena shooters were beyond us but the team over at Final Strike Games has given us a lot to be grateful for here. A […]

  • After a lengthy wait, CrossCode launched on consoles on July 9th. Essentially a 90’s gamer’s dream come true, CrossCode by Radical Fish Games, masterfully combines nostalgia with modern pri […]

  • A few weeks after announcing specifics on their upcoming beta, developer Cold Symmetry’s Mortal Shell has officially landed. Running from July 3rd to July 10th, select players will have the opportunity to e […]

    • Right click and “Copy Image Location”. Gives you a link that allows you to see the full size.

    • Thanks for your comment mike. However, I find myself on the opposite end of your opinions. I found the targeting mechanics spot on and liked that you could enable or disable automatically targeting the nearest enemy after the currently targeted enemy is defeated. And it might read like a Dark Souls wannabe, but that doesn’t mean that it is. Finally, I didn’t think the beta was trash at all. In fact, I found it to be very polished in its current build and am looking forward to the full release. But different strokes for different folks!!!

  • When Pokémon Sword and Shield came out in 2019, the game got great reviews, even from myself. Granted one of the main criticisms was the absence of a huge portion of the Pokédex. Thankfully Game Freak announced e […]

  • Developer CellarDoorGames recently released a full trailer for their upcoming Rogue Legacy 2. Preceded by the unique and critically acclaimed Rogue Legacy, the sequel aims to differentiate itself visually and […]

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