• Thumbnail Hey Bethesda fans! Arkane Studios has released new screen shots of its upcoming first person role playing adventure, Dishonered. Unlike previous Bethesda titles, in this game you play the role of a revolutionary assassin, and decide plot points as you go along and make significant choices. Even with a  strict plot, we can expect plenty of […]

  • Thumbnail PS Home will look nigh unrecognizable  by this fall with a slew of new locations and options. Games like the upcoming Dead Island  have affected the virtual landscape so far by offering new locations and mini-games, but nothing like this. Players will be getting a new interactive “Hub” from which they can choose activities which will function as a […]

  • Thumbnail Attention Batman fans! As you probably know, gamers who  pre-order the upcoming Batman: Arkham City from Best Buy will receive the exclusive Robin download pack, containing the character and at least an alternate Red Robin  select-able skin. And now we have a picture of the Robin redesign, his Red Robin skin (far left), and what appears to be […]

  • Thumbnail Square Enix has announced their PAX 2011 games lineup, and fans should be excited to learn that PAX Prime attendees will be able to preview and play the following Square Enix titles at booth 3646: DEAD ISLAND™  – In Deep Silver’s hotly anticipated action title arriving at retailers September 6, the lush island paradise of Banoi truly is […]

  • Thumbnail Gamescom may be over and done with but PAX looms just over the horizon! Bethesda will have a booth (number 1314 specifically) showcasing their upcoming titles RAGE, Prey 2 , and Skyrim. Every hour on the hour there will be a developer demo of Prey 2 , and there will be playable versions of RAGE and Skyrim available for convention-goers. This is the […]

  • Thumbnail Kotaku has posted a video of the highly anticipated Batman: Arkham City in which players have a Batman-race (for fun, this is not a mission) from one end of the map to the other. The video shows off the updraft and gliding system Batman will be using to get around the open world environment, as […]

  • Thumbnail Want to play the Space Marine demo now? It’s not too late to pre-order the game for PC on Steam, which would not only enable you to play the demo (the game’s first two levels) five days before console users, it also gives you the Blood Ravens Faction Pack (available when the full game comes out […]

  • Thumbnail Following the fiendishly clever example set in motion by Gamestop, every company that retails games is adding more digital bonuses for you early-birds out there. It’s just been announced that if you pre-order the upcoming Deus Ex: Human Revolution  for PC from Steam, then you get an awesome DLC pack for Steam’s now free to play first […]

  • Thumbnail Battlefield 3 is going to be one of the largest games released for current gen systems, with co-op and multiplayer modes that support up to 64 (yes, 64) people. When DICE manager Karl Magnusson was asked at Gamescom 2011 if the game would require multiple install or play discs because of its size, he replied […]

  • Thumbnail There’s a brand new Transformers based MMO coming to a browser near you (in your face Zynga?). Could this be an awesome new time-sink to distract me while I browse the internet or try to get work done? Only time will tell for sure, but so far the prospects look good. The new MMO is […]

  • ThumbnailZombies! Activision has just released the amazing Call of Duty: Black Ops Rezurrection  trailer, showcasing the awesome complete overhaul the game is getting for this latest downloadable content pack. Honestly I enjoy the zombie trend. Ever since Resident Evil 2 I’ve been terrified of zombies, that symbolic representation of the slow, lurching mortality that relentlesstly stalks us, impervious to […]

  • Thumbnail Sony has announced the release dates of three of its upcoming downloadable titles (Via the PlayStation Network) today at Gamescom. I have to say, the PlayStation digital store has been severely lacking, so this is a welcome addition. Hopefully many more games will follow suit. Check out the details below as well as some screens. […]

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    Not long ago the upcoming Bioshock: Infinite swept the E3 awards and dazzled us all with its amazingly impressive graphics. Feast your eyes on these brand new screen shots released by Irrational Games, and enter a world of steampunk technology, floating cities, and psychic powers.

  • ThumbnailBehold, the latest in the series of elite gaming keyboards from Logitech, the mighty G510. This beast of a keyboard contains all the necessary PC gaming features, including headphone and mic jacks, a mute button, a media control (play, stop, next, etc), a scroll wheel, an LCD display and 18 special keys to control your custom […]

  • Thumbnail Every now and again in the Gaming industry we get the chance to see something new. If you thought motion sensing technology was a factor before Xbox’s kinect, you were wrong. Throw those motion sensing controllers in the trash! Gotgame was lucky enough to be invited to a  Rise of Nightmares  showcase,  where we were able to […]

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    Released for Gamescon 2011, behold the first glimpse of the next title in the celebrated fighting franchise known for the infamous soul edge, Soul Calibur V! Voldo’s back baby!

  • I did enjoy this episode, but the unreleased content for Zelda: The Ocarina of Time episode totally blew my mind. You are the 60-minutes-style investigative journalist of the gaming world.

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    John Carmack, the co-founder of id software, creator of titles Doom and Quake, and rocket engineer for Armadillo Aerospace is interviewed here at QuakeCon about his work in the Gaming Industry, as well as his work on Rage’s megatextures.

  • Thumbnail If you thought that staying fashionable was overpriced and superficial, then I wonder what you make of the growing DIGITAL fashion market? As much as I want to say that paying money for digital clothing is insane, I’m totally going to buy every last Batman skin in Batman: Arkham City , so I guess I have to […]

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