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  • Modern mainstream gaming, we need to talk.

    I feel like you’ve just gotten sort of lost. Do you feel lost? Confused? Maybe like you don’t really recognize yourself anymore? Because I certainly see it, and I think […]

  • Last Christmas, I finally, after over a decade of being unwillingly stuck with Apple devices, made the switch back over to Windows.

    After my Apple ID, that I’d had since I was maybe a teenager, had been hacked […]

  • “Black Friday: Blood Money” is a sandbox open world RPG, where you play as Steven Lamb. Steven’s life hasn’t been going too great lately, especially since his wife has asked for a separation and took his beloved […]

  • As far as hobbies go, collecting has to be one of the dumbest, and as a collector, I feel I can say that with some validity. I’ve collected multiple things over the years, ranging from comic books to movie […]


    A few years ago, I started getting into visual novels. Being someone who’s enjoyed reading my whole life (I know; a woman, reading?! What will they let us do next? Vote?! Operate them fancy motor vehicles?! […]

  • I was reading up on the new Tomb Raider on wikipedia the other night, and one of the things I read was this statement:

    Lara can swim which will add to Lara’s mobility and combat tactics.

    Having just finally 100% […]

  • Games are being considered more and more like movies.

    With game adaptations of films, and cinematic games such as Mass Effect, Tomb Raider or Heavy Rain, there’s no doubt that gaming is trying to be more film […]

  • Imagine this scenario, children of the future:

    You’re a kid, in the mid-ninties, and you’re in the back of your parents car at night. Maybe you’re going on vacation, maybe you’re simply going home from seeing […]

  • There’s something inherently wrong with allowing sex to define hobbies. Case in point; women can’t know jack about cars, unless they’re butch lesbians, because apparently they’re “almost just guys”; an example […]

  • Every once in a while, I’ll wake up in the morning, ask my girlfriend to make me some tea, and then sit down and think about the things that I want to get done that day. Perhaps, on this particular day of days, […]

  • Back in the early days or video games, arcade was king.

    You’d go with a few of your friends to wherever you could think of that had a few cabinets if you didn’t have a dedicated arcade around, and often it […]

  • Every so often, I wind up somewhere online, a forum or something, where someone (or more than one person) is bemoaning the idea of let’s plays. They say they don’t understand the concept behind it, how you can […]

  • Since this is the internet, I’m going to make brash judgments and criticize something that hasn’t even come out yet even though I have nothing really to go on other than a short trailer. “Pixels” with Kevin […]

  • One summer, back in the early 2000s, my step brother and I stayed in my room all summer and played The Neverhood and Warcraft 2 all day every day. When my mother remarried, and he became my stepbrother, it was […]

  • So how do you get yourself off an addiction? The easiest solution is a substitute. People who try to stop smoking end up on vapes or perhaps electronic cigarettes, something that simulates the addiction while […]

  • I moved a number of months ago.

    I was only able to bring 2 suitcases with me, and my Wii was the only one I could fit in to travel with. I didn’t even bring my DS which was the real stupid move, ’cause that […]

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    Lately, one of the ways my girlfriend has been making money (besides selling the blood of the innocent) is by selling old video game stuff on Ebay.

    Be it games, old hardware, you name it. There’s been a lot […]

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    Back in the day, when I was playing primarily Gamecube, one of the games I picked up was the game for the Pixar film “Finding Nemo”. I’ve played some bad things in my time. I’ve played Sonic 06 entirely through, […]

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    So the other day I read that ESPN is now going to start paying college students to compete in Blizzards upcoming game, “Heroes of the Storm”, and the winning team is going to get the rest of their tuition […]

  • ThumbnailAbout a week ago, I moved to a new state and moved in with my girlfriend.

    Because of this, I had to dump the majority of what I own into a storage and that sadly included my Xbox 360. One of the things we’ve done […]

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