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    Street Fighter 2 was probably one of the most successful fighting games ever created. Street Fighter IV and its revised version Super Street Fighter IV garnered the same significant amount of attention when it […]

  • Thumbnail Had enough of zombie mode for Call of Duty yet? Yes? Then this need not apply to you. To the rest of you who are still blowing heads off of the undead the folks over at Treyarch have something new up their sleeves. Looks like there will be a standalone zombie DLC called Rezurrection that will focus on […]

  • Thumbnail Konami today explained that the Nintendo 3DS version of Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater will be pushed back indefinitely to 2012. There’s no reason why it’s being pushed back or even a set release date for the game but it is assumed that the game will possibly be released during the first half of the year. […]

  • Thumbnail Alpha and Beta tesing for Electronic Art’s next installment of the Battlefield series will be underway very soon. Over at the official blog for Battlefield 3 , EA has shared some detailed insight on the upcoming multiplayer beta trials and how people can register so that they can play it. The people at DICE explained that there will first be […]

  • Thumbnail Your favorite zombie supervillain Solomon Grundy looks to be the next baddie for the upcoming Batman: Arkham City game from Rocksteady Studios . One has to wonder why Grundy was chosen for the game. As a whole, he’s more of a DC Universe kind of dude fighting against multiple heroes and not just Batman. With that said, Rocksteady seems […]

  • Thumbnail Is this another low blow to the Xbox 360 franchise in Japan? Popular pop idol simulator, The Idolmaster 2, is being ported over to the PS3 on October 27th. Originally it was an Xbox 360 exclusive earlier this year but plans are set to bring it over to the PS3. With the planned port comes […]

  • Thumbnail You’re probably thinking, “Oh no, not another Onechanbara: Bikini Zombie Slayers .” Well, you’re half correct. Yes, Lollipop Chainsaw will be another one of them zombie-killing fest but this time with a hot girl in it and will also be developed by Grasshopper Manufacture , you know, the guys who brought you games like No More Heroes , Killer7 and the newly released Shadows […]

  • Thumbnail As 343 Industries set their sights on finishing up the new revamped HD version of Halo: Combat Evolved for the Xbox 360 they’re also letting us in on the goodies that we players will receive for pre-ordering the game. First off, if you pre-order Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary edition early you will be able to utilize Master […]

  • Thumbnail The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword and Other Top 2011 Releases to Make Public Playable Debut at Leading Pop-Culture Event REDMOND, Wash., July 18, 2011 – Nintendo is returning to Comic-Con in San Diego this year, and fans will have a lot to get excited about. In addition to top Nintendo 3DS ™ games releasing this holiday season such […]

  • Thumbnail Ubitsoft announced today that if you want to play one of their newer games online and have a used copy you’re going to be locked out. The new Uplay Passport program will be rolling out registration codes that you will need to redeem in order to access the extra contents and online multiplayer modes. If a person […]

  • Thumbnail Looks like all you PS3 owners are finally going to be getting in on some Call of Duty map pack action that’s already been released on the 360 last month. Coming at the end of July the latest map pack, Annihilation will make it’s way to the Sony console and will include 4 multiplayer maps […]

  • Thumbnail What better way to enjoy the upcoming Spider-man and X-Men video games by Activision than to be able to dress your characters up in cheesy, not-so-great-looking costumes, right? Those interested in pre-ordering either Spider-man: Edge of Time or X-Men Destiny from retailer Gamestop will be able to play dress up with their in-game characters. The gallery below shows just how…interesting the […]

  • Thumbnail If you know BioWare then you know that they love pushing out some really exciting DLC content for their games. Dragon Age II will be the latest in getting quality DLC for those needing to delve deeper into the story. The first DLC pack, named Legacy, will introduce players to the Vimmark Mountains . It will be a completely new […]

  • Thumbnail For those of you wanting to know more about Bethesda’s Elder Scroll V: Skyrim and get more depth about what the game will be like check out an interview that was done with Todd Howard (game director), Bruce Nesmith (lead designer), and Matt Carofano (lead artist). They answer questions from how armor will be wielded to how […]

  • Thumbnail For those Elder Scroll fans out there who are jonesing for their fix with the upcoming release of Skyrim should take a gander at a mod for Bethesda’s older Elder Scroll game, Oblivion. Titled Andoran: Prologue and said to be a true canon prologue to Oblivion, this mod has a completely new campaign with boosted up graphics that makes […]

  • Thumbnail Would you still buy the game? Does making her more western looking appeal to you more or do you prefer her with what we got in the final product? These are concept drawings of Bayonetta (and other characters in the game) by artist Wesley Burt when the game was still in its developmental stage. Since […]

  • Thumbnail Andrew House, head of Sony’s PlayStation businesses in Europe will now be taking over as global chief executive of Sony Computer Entertainment. He will be the successor to former Sony CEO, Kazuo Hirai, who will now focus all his efforts as the new chairmen of Sony Computer Entertainment. These internal company role changes came not […]

  • I like that the PR folks for the game stated that there needs to be no apology by them and they stand by how great the game is.

  • Thumbnail Slated for an August release, Duke Nukem Forever, the critically-panned game by Gearbox will be making a new venture to the Mac.

    “We are thrilled to play a part in bringing this gaming experience to the Mac. Duke Nukem Forever represents many of the best aspects of gaming: shooting aliens, saving ladies in distress, and great […]

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