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  • While plenty of headphones still have gamers wired to a controller or computer, it’s nice to run into a pair of Bluetooth headphones to allow for more freedom.

    What normally bogs down Bluetooth sets, though, i […]

  • I was hesitant on Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Previous Lego games had either focused on three movies or an entire series.

    Now, we had an entire game trying to focus on one movie. While Traveller’s T […]

  • To call Duelyst just a Hearthstone spin-off would be a disservice to the game by Counterplay Games.

    The team put a lot of work into balancing cards for different groups and to try and get players deeply […]

  • Jackbox Games has had a huge success with their party packs.

    One of the standout titles to play with friends on mobile devices had to be Drawful, where friends could trace out a hint to show everyone how […]

  • Pac-Man 256 was an entertaining endless running on iOS, and continues to hold my attention on Xbox One.

    The title is based after the infamous glitch of Level 256, and sees a glitch continuously come at you from […]

  • Stonemaier Games’ Scythe may be one of the best tested games that I’ve run across in a while.

    Based on a universe drawn by Jakub Rozalski, Scythe lets players take control of one of five countries and jobs to try […]

  • Kirby: Planet Robobot isn’t a fresh new take on the series. Instead, it’s the same pink puffball you know and love. It’s just that Kirby can now sometimes hop into a mech suit that can get its own set of power […]

  • While Kenji Infaune may be known as the creator of Mega Man, it’s disappointing to think that many may remember him by the letdowns of Mighty No. 9.


    What was supposed to be a spiritual success to Mega Man in […]

  • When I first heard of the collaboration of Persona and Fire Emblem, I pictured something with Fire Emblem gameplay with characters from both universes meeting.

    What we got is something more akin to a Persona […]

  • Blizzard knows how important balancing can be. They constantly try to do their best with balancing issues in StarCraft and World of Warcraft.

    Now, Blizzard has started trying to balance first person shooters. […]

  • I really liked the premise of the first Mirror’s Edge: being able to free run around levels, avoiding combat and using the terrain to your advantage.


    However, some game-breaking glitches I ran into th […]

  • Bravely Default made for a fun handheld RPG. It had a great battle system with the Brave and Default features, gave the ability to avoid random battles or increase the fights and gave many RPG fans a trip down […]

  • Stories: The Path of Destiny starts off slow. With only your base weapon and not much else, you may feel like you’re missing a lot of the game.


    Once you get your first ending though and realize what the ga […]

  • My time with the Battleborn beta was problematic to say the least. Finding matches were a challenge, and even when I got in one I had bouts of lag or dropped into one-sided matches.


    So, I was a bit hesitant […]

  • After a sequel that irritated many series purists and a sidetrack into the Bloodborne universe, Dark Souls has made its return with the third series.

    While the core mechanics may relatively be the same as the […]

  • It’s been a long-time coming, but Ratchet and Clank are back. Sure, it may be kind of a reboot, but there’s still plenty of new content to bring fans of the series back for some random destruction.


    The game […]

  • Ubisoft’s The Division is almost two separate games in one.


    On one side, you have the story mode, where you and up to three friends can group up to take down groups and try to bring stability back to a New Yo […]

  • Fans of Pokemon can picture the fighting system in their minds. Two creatures facing off as their trainers choose from a set of four moves shown in a box.


    After all, the series has always just been a RPG […]

  • With the recent release of Final Fantasy IX on iOS devices, the PSX era of the Final Fantasy series is now fully mobile for gamers to relive some of their favorite moments on the go.

    The port itself works great. […]

  • When Street Fighter IV released, we got a retool of the fighting system and a complete new graphic style.


    The mechanics change shook up the fight scene for years, and still is the cornerstone of fighting […]

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