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    It’s been interesting reviewing Arcania: The Complete Tale given what else has recently released.

    It’s hard not comparing ArcaniA to titles like The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. After all, they’re the same genre, […]

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    I’ve killed hundreds of beasts, helped enough people to form their own village and had a few quick romances, yet I still feel like I’ve barely scratched the surface of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

    That’s because, […]

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    For current-gen owners, there’s not much of a choice of fighting titles right now. There are some indie fighters here and there, and Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, but Mortal Kombat X marks the first main fighter […]

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    Well, that was quick.

    Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, the spiritual successor to the 2D Castlevania games, reached its $500,000 funding Kickstarter goal within four hours.

    The game, being developed by Koji […]

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    Titan Souls has no problem showing its difficulty off early on.

    From the beginning, you face off with one gigantic titan after another, armed only with a lone arrow, a dash and a roll. Why you’re doing this is […]

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    Zen Studios is bringing a Valve property to Pinball FX2.

    A table based on Portal is set to hit both Zen Pinball 2 and Pinball FX2 the week of May 25 for $2.99 on consoles and PC and $1.99 on mobile. The table, […]

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    After last month’s complete mess of Amiibo preorders that took the GameStop website down, Nintendo has apologized for their gross mishandling of the figures recently.

    Polygon reports that Nintendo is planning […]

  • Adam Larck wrote a new post, Review | Tower of Guns, on the site GotGame 2 months ago


    When Rogue Legacy released, that really sparked my interest in roguelike games. That is, games where a death results in starting over from square one.

    With Tower of Guns, my interest in roguelikes has been […]

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    Four PC only titles from EA are at the end of their lives.

    EA announced that Battlefield Heroes, Battlefield Play4Free, FIFA World and Need for Speed World will be closed in 90 days. Their starship FTP title, […]

  • Adam Larck wrote a new post, Review | Screamride, on the site GotGame 3 months ago


    When I first started Screamride, I expected more of a simulator game. I thought it would be a new version of RollerCoaster Tycoon creating and managing new parks and being able to experience the coasters in […]

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    I never did check out Kirby: Canvas Curse, the DS title that shared the gameplay of Kirby and the Rainbow Curse.

    After playing through the Wii U version, I’m not apt to go back and check it out either. Don’t […]

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    Welcome to Board Buzz, an occasional feature that will take a look at new and popular board games, card games, dice games and more. If you can play it on a table, you can find it here..

    For the first feature, […]

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    After the craziness that was Saints Row: The Third, Volition had a tough task ahead of them: how do you top that?

    The team came up with a great solution, though. Have the leader of the Saints become ruler of […]

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    While the launch trailer for Dead or Alive 5 Last Round released today, the bigger news is that the Steam version is getting delayed by a month.

    The game, which is slated to hit PS4, Xbox One, PS3 and 360 on […]

  • Kirby and the Rainbow Curse and Mario Party 10. Both Wii U.

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    In its 13 years of existence, Halo: Combat Evolved made Master Chief just as memorable as Mario.

    Then, Halo 2 showed that consoles could have online multiplayer that could be just as fun as PC online […]

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    Two bonus levels are being offered as part of pre-order bonuses for Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions.

    According to the Geometry Wars website, both the Secret Eye and Blood Count levels will be available on certain […]

  • Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel (Xbox 360)

    Far Cry 4 (PS4 or Xbox One)

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    MSI Computer Corp. has updated its GS Stealth/Ghost and GT Dominator series with new graphic chips.

    Starting today, the above series of laptops will come with the NVIDIA GTX 900M series of chips, such as the […]

  • Adam Larck wrote a new post, Review | Destiny, on the site GotGame 9 months, 1 week ago


    Review | Destiny

    After years of wait, Bungie’s newest IP, Destiny is here.

    Considering it’s coming from the masterminds behind Halo, players should expect a solid shooter, with an enjoyable story and great multiplayer, right? Well, not so much.

    destiny_e3.0_cinema_640.0Instead, get ready for a laughable story, unbalanced multiplayer and, in what is a major disappointment for MMO games, bad loot drops, especially in the endgame.

    Before I get into the gameplay, I have to focus on story. Considering this is a shooter/MMO hybrid, I expected at least a decent story from Bungie, but one that I may not care about like what many MMOs have. However, what Destiny offers seems to pull from every sci-fi stereotype out there.

    You’ll run into four different enemy groups throughout the game trying to take control of planets and the galaxy by controlling the darkness or using it to its advantage. Meanwhile, you’ll be helping trying to find the Traveler and help the light overtake the darkness like in its battle years ago. Like I said, laughable and generic.

    Gameplay is pretty standard for a shooter. It controls well, and vehicle controls are sharp too (although are guns on your standard vehicle too much to ask?). Like many MMOs, you’ll spend most of your time revisiting areas again and again as you do missions.

    However, unlike most MMOs, endgame content doesn’t have its own area. Instead, you go back and do previous missions on Old Russia, Moon, Venus, Mars and the Reef, just on higher difficulties to get a chance at more loot.

    Bungie / Activision

    This wouldn’t be a bad thing if missions at least offered some variance. Every mission boils down to either defending a point for a bit by killing a bunch of enemies, finding something and killing a bunch of enemies or, you guessed it, just killing a bunch of enemies. Sure, MMOs don’t have a lot of variety of missions but they have more than that. Even a few escort quests or something mixed in would have been nice.

    An example I have is a patrol I did in Old Russia. During this patrol, my fire team picked up six different quests to do. Every single one was about killing a group of enemies in an area before finding a new quests. Even a fetch quest at that point could have offered something different.

    Besides quests and patrols, there are also Strikes to do (think dungeons in an MMO), where you get matched up to form a group of three to take on the mission. However, the high-end Strikes are where I got disappointed.

    Instead of having matchmaking for those, Bungie expects you to have made friendships by then that will join you in endgame Strikes and raids. The problem with this logic is that, unlike other MMOs, there is no “looking for group” options, and there’s not even a good way to communicate with other players.

    At the Crucible, the hub city, you can only communicate with four gestures mapped to the D-Pad. Sure, you can inspect and add friends, but then you’re just adding random players in hopes that some join up. The chat system is disappointing as well. You can talk with your fireteam, but that’s all, making finding groups that much harder. Why this hatred for communication I don’t know, but it really hampers some endgame progress.

    Since I’m on the topic of the endgame, I’ll focus on that some more. Once you hit level 20, the only way to keep leveling up is to find better gear. The loot drops, though, are laughable. To earn PVE marks, used to buy epic gear, you have to do Strike modes on heroic or harder difficulties, which can take a few hours with many failures along the way. Even then, you aren’t always guaranteed great loot.

    Destiny Beta_20140723195914In fact, people have now started spawn camping some areas, getting random loot drops they take to a vendor to redeem for a SMALL chance of getting some epic gear. When the best system people have for trying to get a good piece of armor is farming for hours and hours on end in the chance one piece will result in possibly a rare or epic level of equipment, that’s when you should know your loot system is flawed.

    The raids will help with the loot system, as completing them give great rewards. However, as stated above, getting to level 26 to participate with the loot you need is a challenge by itself, and finding a group to randomly join in the regular game is difficult as well.

    The PVP is definitely the highlight in the game. Bungie knows how to make shooters that work, and most PVP arenas just ignore levels to balance things out. However, what they don’t ignore are skills balanced for PVE.

    The Titan, Hunter and Warlock have unique skills that can take down groups of enemies at once in PVE. However, the skills were never rebalanced for PVP. So, get a group of enemies together and you can easily one-shot them with a skill, meaning fortifying defenses at a location in controlling points is just asking for death, not being smart. It really breaks the mold, and is disappointing.

    However, PVP does have the best ways to earn loot and marks. Even if you’re getting slaughtered on one of the games 10 maps, you’ll still earn marks that can be redeemed for gear, and maybe even a rare item if you’re lucky.

    Now, there’s one more thing I want to focus on, your Ghost companion, played by Peter Dinklage (or, as I call it, the Dinklbot). Considering Bungie brought such a high-profile actor on to voice Ghost, you’d expect something great, right? Well, not so much. Instead, players get a performance that’s just as robotic as the floating object he plays. Some kind of personality for Ghost would have been great, instead, we get nothing.

    destinylevelThis, unfortunately, seems to be the theme in Destiny. There’s so much hope for a great game here. However, so much falls flat that it makes for a mediocre experience. Sure, fun is still had in bursts, but you’ll also experience plenty of frustration as you grind and grind for one more piece of armor or try to find a group for endgame content.


    PVP can be a lot of fun.
    Solid shooter mechanics.
    Great to play with friends.


    PVP may be fun, but it is unbalanced with the skills.

    The loot system is disappointing and needs reworked.

    No matchmaking or LFG system for end Strikes and raids is disappointing.

    Final Thoughts: While the outlook may be mediocre right now, Destiny has promise to become a great title with a 10 year plan complete with DLC and updates. As it stands right now, though, there are plenty of other shooters and MMOs out there that can scratch your itch for either genre better. Unless you want to see all the hype for yourself, hold out for more updates to fix some of the current problems.

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