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    Andrew Kent

    Have you started playing Final Fantasy XIII-2 yet? Tell us about your experience here!


    Barnaby Jones

    I really enjoyed the demo, so I went out and purchased the first XIII (for $15, it wasn’t a bad deal) to catch up before buying the new one. I guess a lot of FF fans knock on XIII / XIII-2, but I’ve never played any others (gasp) so I could care less. I’m enjoying the first and will be picking up XIII-2 along with RE: Revelations next weekend.

    All that being said, I hope that Hope (zing) isn’t in XIII-2. God damn, he is such a bitch in XIII.


    Ramon Aranda

    Personally, I never got into the franchise. But I have finally been catching up on The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword 🙂


    Barnaby Jones

    *couldn’t* care less! Bah! *couldn’t*! That’s such a pet peeve of mine, and I committed it myself!
    I am ashamed.


    Sean Garmer

    Just letting ya know Barnaby, Hope is in 13-2, but he is only a Non-Playable-Character that you talk to in two small sections of the game. Noel, Serah, and a Monster of your choosing are your only playable characters. You play with Lightning during a tutorial stage that sets up the story, that’s it. Snow fights with your party during one part as a side character and the Moogle helps out like he does in the demo. The whole game is Noel, Serah, and Monster. If you like having a big party like you had in 13 you might be a little disappointed.



    That’s a little sad to know. I was actually looking forward to it since I’ve been playing FF13 again.

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