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    Hey All!

    Since MW3 is coming out tomorrow, I thought it would be fun for us all to discuss what we are excited about for this latest edition of Modern Warfare. Maybe you are most excited about fighting battles in New York, London and Paris. Maybe you are most psyched about controlling reaper drones. Does the the Call of Duty Elite Social Network get you pumped? The cinematic, destructible environments? Tell us here!


    I know this sounds crazy, but I’m stoked off the single player campaign and all its fancy schmancy explosions.The Mordern Warfare I played was number 1 and I got super deep into the story mode and beat the whole 8 hours in one session. I’m not too into the online MP though, since I never have time to get good at it and always get pwned by 12 year olds who play the game non-stop. >___<


    I know a lot of people, myself included, who would enjoy the mp more if it was balanced better, especially for new players. Do you know anything about MW3 or BF3 are addressing this issue?


    I’m too busy playing really bad survival horror games and Uncharted 3!


    I hear you. I think that even though MW3 is one of the biggest games ever, a lot of people aren’t ravenous for it. What do you like better about your horror games and Uncharted 3? Personally, I can’t wait to play Uncharted 3!


    I’m done with the COD franchise, I’m tired of paying $65 ( after taxes) for a new map pack. The game is re-hashed over and over again, not to mention, I believe there was something released for online play that if you wanted to be some sort of ‘VIP’ then you had to pay a monthly fee. Things like that annoy me. I was a big fan of the campaign (though it contains about 4 hours of play on it), I’m not into the game that much.

    I decided to stop playing the game and I think it has been a good idea so far. I’ve decided to try out some new games as I never got into Black Ops all that much. I started getting back into the Assassin’s Creed games. I bought the Batman games (amazing games) and recently tried Battlefield for the first time. I’m very happy with that move and I have a couple games on my Christmas wish list like Skyrim and Dead Island that I might be playing.

    My suggestion for all: stop playing COD in general, there are TONS of better games out there.


    While MW3 may look similar the way it plays out is much different than any title in the series before it. The meta-game is completely different. Calling it a rehash is just wrong. I wrote out a list of things that are different on Reddit so I figure I’ll copy/paste it here. Note: This is only a few of the things that change the game up.

    Starting off with campaign, it just hops right into the action. It takes the craziness of MW2 and the quality of MW and combines it into one giving people one of the most action packed shooters this year. It’s extremely short though (About 6 hours on veteran and maybe 4 hours on Normal).
    Spec Ops Survival is new and it is like CoD Zombies + Horde with a much faster pacing. It has unlimited waves like Zombies but it has 2 players max. You can buy guns, upgrades, vests, perks and whatnot as you go through the rounds to help fight off the upcoming waves. This mode is extremely well thought out and highly addicting. It’s even great alone which is a rarity for modes like this.
    The Multiplayer just feels much more balanced and IW is supporting the hell out of it right now, they are rolling out patches nice and fast and they are doing their best to get it running well. There are 16 maps in the game (The most in any CoD launch to date…or it might tie with one of them for most). Killstreaks are now pointstreaks. You get points for your streaks by capping flags, taking down air support, killing, assists, etcetc… and pointstreaks are separated into 3 different packages. Assault which is your standard CoD fare. Unlock Predator Missiles, AC-130s and whatnot by getting high killstreaks. There is support where it’s mainly things to help out the team like UAVs/EMPs/Recon Drones. These streaks don’t reset upon death and you can keep building them up. The last in specialist which awards you with a new perk every 2 kills and on the 8th kill you have every perk in the game making you a super soldier. This one resets upon death. With the new pointstreaks teamwork is encouraged on a much greater scale than before.
    Weapons now have a proficiency system. This mean you can apply a special perk to each gun. These range from reduced recoil, less flinch when hit, higher damage (shotguns only), 2 attachments, and a whole lot of other things. Weapons are also leveled up now to unlock these as well as attachments. Each gun as 31 levels (level 31 unlocks gold camo) and just by playing with the gun you level it up. It’s pretty fast too, within 2 or 3 hours of playtime with a gun most of the stuff should be unlocked for it. it’s a really nice system IMO and much better than the CoD Points system in blops or the challenge system in MW2.
    Private Matches have an insane amount of options now, probably second to only Halo on console. You can set nearly any game with any rules you want. Hell, you can even setup 5 classes for each team to choose from if you so desire. There are special Private only modes like Gun Game, Infection, One in the Chamber and Juggernaut as well. Want to do One in the Chamber with RPG’s only? Go ahead. This games great for private matches. Even matchmaking has 2 new playlists. Kill Confirmed & Team Defender. Both are TDM variants. Kill Confirmed makes it so everyone you kill drops a dogtag, pick it up to add a point to your teams score, it makes it a little more rush happy. If a teammate dies, they drop a dogtag too. Pick that tag up to deny the other team a point. Fun mode. Team Defender has 1 flag on the map, the team holding it gets double points. This is probably the most hectic mode in the MP, nonstop activity by the flag and it’s my personal favorite mode.
    People have a problem with the maps because they are so small, but to me that’s why I love CoD. I like small action packed maps and MW3 definitely delivers. Right now there are spawning issues (They are horrendous right now in FFA/Dom, but IW are actually patching that according to FourZeroTwo) and the game can lag pretty bad (patch fixing that is out soon).
    Perks have an insane balance to them, no one perk dominates any tier (though Assassin is the more popular perk for Tier 2 at the moment but it doesn’t dominate it) and guns are balanced well enough (except for Shotguns, they need a buff badly).

    Yeah, it’s quite a bit of changes that warrant a purchase. I just wish the lag compensation would get tweaked a bit now. Granted, that’s happening in a week or so. The spawns are even getting patched. It’s pretty nice to see a IW CoD get a ton of post-launch support.

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