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    I have played games all my life i was born with only one hand.. my left. So every shooter game uses the right trigger to shoot. Is it that hard for the game creaters to make it an option to switch controls to the left trigger? As much as I love to play video games it is hard to play when I have to hold the control with my only hand and push the controler up against my leg to shoot. Its a pain and is getting old. Alot of good games can not let you change the shooting controls. Is it really that hard to program that option when a game is made?



    Hey man! Props to you for still doing what you love despite the challenges you face! I am aware that there are several controllers that are made for gamers with only one hand to use. You could search online and see what you could find, or even try ebay. Just be sure to watch reviews of them first. If you want to try something else, I know there are tutorials on how to use one hand to successfully use the controller. There was a guy who had a stroke when he was about 10 years old and he lost control of his arm and he was able to successfully control everything with only one hand. As far as left side switches…I totally agree that the option should be there! I don’t know why they don’t think about that, as it would benefit many gamers in your postion.


    Adam Larck

    I think one of the main reasons those options aren’t included more is because of forced launch windows by publishers. Developers do try to add as much as possible to cater to as big of crowd as they can, including customizable controls, colorblind mode, etc. However, when a publisher forces a set finish date or set goals the company has to reach instead, a lot of these user-friendly options get cut to make deadline. Some companies try to patch these in later on. With bigger shooter series, though, they normally never try this as they have to focus immediately on the next entry coming in a year or future DLC for more publisher profits.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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