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    Akihabara-based mobile game developer, WINLIGHT, announces the English-language release of MoeCureNet for iPhone. For a limited time only, the game is available for 50% OFF the normal price.

    Welcome to Izu Island High, a typical school in a seaside town. You spend the days here as a student or doctor.
    In your second year at the school, you find yourself surrounded by the colorful and zany characters of Class 2C: Chizuru—the class president who’s a little too playful with the other girls, Kobato—the rich girl who always seems to be above the fray, Miyu—the little sweetheart who’s as timid as a mouse, Rina—the rude loudmouth with a soft side, Honoka—the homeroom teacher who rules the class with an iron smile, and of course, Ren— the It Girl.
    No heroine is mentally… or physically alike, and each has a secret that nobody knows.
    Do you have what it takes to learn their secrets and earn their trust? Or even… capture their hearts?!

    – Ren (CV: Ayako Kawasumi) – Nodame Cantabile, Pokemon, Anpanman
    – Rina (CV: Chiwa Saito) – ONE PIECE, Pokemon, InuYasha, MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM 00
    – Honoka (CV: Kikuko Inoue) – Ranma1/2, Sailor Moon, KiKi’s Delivery Service
    – Yuna (CV: Saki Fujita) – BLEACH, CHROME SHELLED REGIOS, Hatsune Miku
    – Chizuru(CV: Shizuka Ito) – GHOST IN THE SHELL, Heartcatch Precure!, Negi Magi !?,
    – Miyu (CV: Ai Shimizu) – Neon Genesis Evangelion, GINTAMA, Hell Girl, Hayate no gotoku
    – Kobato (CV: Ryoko Shintani) – Doraemon, Hidamari Sketch, Maria Holic, Kure-nai

    MoeCureNet @ iTunes/ App Store

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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