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    When in doubt, a simple game whose game dynamics are easy to understand will be more successful than that complex to understand. With this we do not say that the game has to be easy to overcome. But it must present challenges to the player.

    The game dynamics that we have seen that have triumphed in mobile games are as simple as ‘drag’ and ‘tap’. A clear example would be the game Flappy Bird. That working simply by doing ‘tap’ on the screen of the mobile device, has achieved unparalleled global success.

    In the case that your game needs a more complex game dynamics we recommend that you introduce it little by little through a good ‘onboarding’. It is also best to use the first steps of the game as a tutorial. And go explaining how everything works to launch the user to the game without further ado. The type of games that resort to this type of techniques usually have inspiration from games of video game console or desktop computer. An example could be the game Clash of Clans or the game Jurassic Park Builder.

    Design for mobile games
    If the game dynamics are at the heart of a game development project, the design of the apps itself should revolve around it. The story that directs the game, the personalities and the final appearance are key to the game designer.

    That’s why the design of your game can be key to differentiate yourself from the rest, so you can take advantage of this process to create Android or iOS game app developers that are unique.

    From minimal styles, flat design, realistic, comic style, etc. the possibilities are endless when choosing the design.

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